Many different demographics can be beneficial to the future of Bitcoin and other crypto assets. A new report by Coldwell Banker seems to confirm that millennials are drawn to digital assets, and they are gathering the funds to stock up on them.

Banks and financial institutions attempt to cater to younger generations.

Millennials and Bitcoin is a Good Combination

Both generation X and Y have proven to become more bank-averse in recent years.

Coldwell Banker conducted some research regarding these matters to determine  a future outlook.

It appears that there will be a major transfer of wealth in the years to come.

Millennials are the new generation pocketing ample riches in various ways.

The research claims that over $68 trillion will end up in the hands of millennials over the coming 25 years.

As a result, those millennials will become 5 times richer than today, which can have some interesting consequences.

The research also highlights how this demographic favors cryptocurrencies 

Generation Y simply doesn’t like banks and stock exchanges, nor are they a fan of precious metals.

Instead, they are willing to put their trust in Bitcoin, an asset that has proven to be worth holding for over a decade.

If the US government were to introduce proper regulation, adoption of crypto assets will be accelerated even further.

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