Mike Novogratz Expects Bitcoin and Gold to go Much Higher

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A lot of people are keeping a very close eye on how the financial markets are evolving. Mike Novogratz remains incredibly bullish on Bitcoin, primarily because the gold price is recovering nicely. 

There is ample activity across all financial markets.

Mike Novogratz Remains Bullish

Stocks are recovering somewhat, but remain incredibly volatile.

Alternative markets are doing a lot better as of late, which is interesting to keep an eye on.

Mike Novogratz is keeping a close eye on the proceedings.

One of his main indicators is the gold price, which has rebounded sharply this week.

Novogratz even expects the gold price to hit a much higher value, and may even hit a new all-time high for the decade.

Based on that sentiment, Novogratz expects Bitcoin to follow a very similar path.

So far, that seems to be holding up, as Bitcoin’s price has rebounded sharply.

Maintaining this momentum will be a different topic altogether.

Novogratz doesn’t elude to much in that regard, as all markets remain unpredictable.

Ongoing stimulus packages all over the world will certainly help increase demand for alternative investment assets.

That will, most likely, bode well for both gold and cryptocurrencies alike.

The coming weeks will undoubtedly get intereesting for a wide variety of reasons.

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