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Recently I wrote an article posing the question “Does size matter?” (for investments), and delved into what micro investing is all about. Feel free to check it out here. 

Researching about it piqued my interest and got me interested in researching and downloading some apps.

Full disclosure: I have investments with Spaceship (Earth & Universe portfolios) however, this post is not sponsored.

In this article, I’ll be talking about the biggest (non bank owned) micro investing apps for Aussies. Note: you need an Australian address and bank account to sign up for these apps.

I’ll be breaking down the most notable pros and cons of each app. I’ll also briefly touch on their investing fees and give my final conclusion at the end.


Created in: 2016

CEO: Andrew Moore 

This has 3 portfolios to choose from.

Voyager – a balanced portfolio with funds that have growth potential.

Earth – an ethical and ‘green’ portfolio.

Universe – tech centric and ‘future’ proof portfolio.


Universe Portfolio

Free up to $5000 

0.10% per year for balance over $5000

Earth Portfolio

Free up to $5000 

0.10% per year for balance over $5000

Origin Portfolio

Free up to $5000 

0.05% per year for balance over $5000


  • Ethical investing – If you enjoy the idea of putting money into the earth’s future you can do with the ‘Spaceship Earth’ portfolio. They don’t invest in any companies that are involved in trading alcohol, gamingling, guns, fossil fuels etc.
  • No fees for investments under $5000 AUD
  • No fees for withdrawing money


  • Basic App – very few available analytics
  • Can’t customise your portfolios

Raiz – Used to be known as ‘Acorns’.

Created in: 2016

Ran by: George Simon Lucas – Managing Director and Group CEO of Raiz Invest Limited

Portfolios Offered:


Moderately Conservative


Moderately Aggressive


Emerald – ‘Ethical investing’

Sapphire – 5% BTC allocation


Standard Portfolio

$3.50 per month for accounts under $15k

0.275% per year for accounts over $15k

Custom Portfolio

$4.50 per month for accounts under $20k

0.275% per year for accounts over $20k

Sapphire Portfolio

$3.50 per month flat and 0.275% per year


  • Round-up feature
  • Customisable portfolio
  • You can withdraw at any time with no fees
  • Option for bitcoin investments
  • Option for an ethical investment portfolio


  • Account fees under 5k can become pricey
  • The large amount of portfolios can be overwhelming
  • Different account fees are confusing

Let’s compare their performance for the financial year 2020/2021



Note ‘Earth’ is a new portfolio and doesn’t have enough data yet

So… which one is better?

They both have their unique strengths and weaknesses, and one isn’t ‘better’ than the other.

If you can only pick one and are investing less than $5000, Spaceship is probably right for you. However, if you’re interested in investing more than 5k and want more a customisable fund, then Raiz may be more your speed.

It’s ultimately a personal decision. Ensure you look at the fine print before investing, and remember past performance is not indicative of future performance.

Happy investing,

Ann ‘The Crypt Queen’

This is not a sponsored post, all opinions are my own and are written as general advice. Weigh up the options for yourself and seek advice from a finance professional for more information.

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