MGT Solar launches an innovative new project combining blockchain with a sustainable green energy solution

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  • Token holders have the benefit of earning dividends by holding their tokens
  • Profits from Power plants will sustain and grow our cryptocurrency AS WELL as trading done by cryptocurrency experts

  • Advisors have over 20 years of experience within the solar and green energy environment

MGT Solar (PYT) LTD introduces the Megatech project- a trailblazing energy venture in South Africa. It combines a green sustainable energy solution with a revolutionary storage technology anchored by a dynamic cryptocurrency funding model to address the daily problem of power supply shortages in the region. 

These power supply shortages create problems for businesses and industry in the continent, resulting in a crippling effect on the economy. These businesses are forced to burn solid or diesel fuels to try to bridge the gap for their energy and heating needs further exacerbating the global warming crisis.

Enter MGT Solar. The company will build, own, operate, & manage solar power plants that will not only produce electricity for immediate transmission and usage, but also store excess electricity generated for use during peak demand periods virtually eliminating the rolling blackouts.

MGT Solar has partnered with leaders in the solar power construction, production and delivery arenas, as well as blockchain industry experts to help ensure the success. They have secured key contracts with large corporations and Eskom, the regional power authority, to sell the electricity they produce, ensuring a consistent income stream over the next 25 years. An additional revenue will be derived by trading the carbon credits generated by these plants thereby increasing profits and dividends to the token holders. Token holders will not only earn extreme return on investment but also contribute to reducing carbon emissions and thereby investing in a greener future.

To fund the project, a cryptocurrency token called Megatech (MGT) is being issued on the Apollo Blockchain, via an ongoing Security Token Offering (STO) sale. The token will be backed by the actual company that owns the solar farms. As a result, token holders will not only own a 60% equity stake in the company, but also receive yearly dividends. Token holders can expect an ROI of approximately 3500% over this time period.

Contact Willie Boshoff for more information and find out how you can become a part of the Megatech family.

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