Metaverse Tokens Watch: STARL, ATLAS, HIGH, XBLADE, IOI

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Metaverse tokens will remain the hot trend among cryptocurrency speculators for some time to come. Several assets have a decent performance in the past week, although sustaining long-term momentum is something else entirely. So always do your research before investing in any of the following Meaverse assets. 

StarLink (STARL)

Although it may sound like a cryptocurrency tied to Elon Musk‘s exotic ventures, StarLink, or STARL, it has no such affiliations. Instead, it is a virtual space-oriented Metaverse where users can explore the cosmos alone or with friends to discover space stations to meet new people, engage in social activities, trade NFTs, and more. This week, traders have pushed the STARL price up by over 71%, giving the project a market cap of over $282 million. 

Star Atlas (ATLAS)

Star Atlas wants to position itself as the next-generation gaming metaverse focusing on state-of-the-art blockchain, real-time graphics, multiplayer gaming, and opportunities across decentralized finance. Gaming has a place among metaverse tokens and projects, although it remains uncertain how ventures like Star Atlas will pan out. This week, the ATLAS value rose by 17.4%, primarily thanks to strong gains today. Star Atlas’s market cap is now just under $123,6 million. 

Highstreet (HIGH)

Bringing a shopping experience to the metaverse will certainly have interesting and exciting consequences. Highstreet aims to Shopify the MMORPG Metaverse concept, although that may be a rather tall order. As one of the more ambitious Metaverse tokens, HIGH notes a small weekly decline but a strong daily push of +10.7%. The Highstreet market cap remains unknown at this time.

CryptoWar xBlade (XBLADE)

One would expect more gaming Metaverse tokens to note strong momentum during this ongoing market dip, but that isn’t necessarily the case. CryptoWar xBlade makes a valiant effort, though, and the weekly XBLADE price increase of 17.4% certainly helps. The game provides play-to-earn mechanics, auto-staking, and increased earnings when players level up and improve their characters. Interestingly, its market cap is still below $2 million.

IOI Token (IOI)

QORPO, the team behind IOI token, aims to build a complete ecosystem in the NFT universe. Its live products include Trade Race Manager and QORPO Wallet. It is one of the more unusual Metaverse tokens, although gaming will always attract some attention. IOI Has a weekly price increase of 23.2%, bringing its market cap back to $6.3 million. 

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