Metaverse Land Discounts Can Be Had In These 4 Virtual Worlds, But Should You?

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Buying metaverse land always seems like an appealing option. Holers can monetize virtual land plots however they see fit, and most plots tend to increase in value. However, the following ecosystems struggle to retain their value, which may create some bargains. 

Plenty of Metaverse Land Bargains

Anyone who has ever considered buying metaverse land has plenty of options to choose from. Of course, popular projects like The Sandbox and Decentraland get much attention. However, there are roughly a dozen other worlds where one can buy virtual land plots. They may not necessarily make for great investments, though. 

These metaverse land NFTs have lost tremendous value since their all-time high. Of course, one may argue that the bearish crypto market conditions don’t help much. Even so, NFTs are often the industry vertical that sees value appreciation when crypto assets go down. With these low prices, there are multiple bargains to be had. However, the long-term outlook for these metaverse land plots remains uncertain.

You can find the most significant metaverse land discounts in Aether, Metroverse, NFT Worlds, and FLUF World: Burrows. None of these are “big names’ in the industry, but that doesn’t mean they won’t have future potential. However, the initial hype regarding these ventures has dropped significantly.

All-time Highs Are Out of Reach

To put that into perspective, these projects recorded all-time highs some time ago.

Aether: 3.33 ETH

FLUF World: Burrows: 2.1 ETH

Metroverse: 1.9 ETH

NFT Worlds: 12.16 ETH

However, their values look very different today:

Aether: 0.23 ETH (-93%)

FLUF World: Burrows: 0.22 ETH (-89.52%)

Metroverse: 0.05 ETH (-97.22%)

NFT Worlds: 0.77 ETH (-93.69%)

Given the low valuation of these metaverse lands, there is some future profit potential. However, that can only happen with sufficient trading volume. Even then, the average sale price per metaverse land plot moves higher. So far, the weekly sales do not look great for either of these virtual worlds.

Aether: 2

FLUF World: Burrows: 57

Metroverse: 46 

NFT Worlds: 40

That said, only two projects have more than 100 weekly sales these days. Those are The Sandbox (167) and Otherdeed for Otherside (502)

Low Social Sentiment Is A Problem

These discounted prices do not seem to spark too much social activity for these virtual worlds. Statistics provided by LunarCrush confirm as much. We look at the monthly social activity for these projects:

  • Aether: Social Mentions down by 75.7%, bullish sentiment down by 82%
  • FLUF World: Burrows: untracked. Not in the top 500 by monthly OpenSea volume.
  • Metroverse: social mentions up 8.1%, social engagements down 38.7%, bullish sentiment up by 30.5%. 
  • NFT Worlds: social mentions down 6.9%, bullish sentiment down 23.6%, bearish sentiment up by 102.1%.

The big question is whether to pick up a metaverse land bargain. Global interest in metaverse experiences continues to grow, yet it remains unclear if all these worlds can succeed. Competing with The Sandbox and Decentraland is a tall order. However, anything can happen over the coming years. 

Always conduct thorough research before making financial commitments. 

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