MetaMask Surpasses 1 Million Monthly Active Users Since Mobile Launch

CryptoMode MetaMask Growth

Making cryptocurrencies more accessible is vital to boost global adoption. MetaMask, the popular browser and mobile wallet for Ethereum and native tokens, now has over 1 million monthly active users.  This goes to show there is a genuine interest in this way of accessing the Ethereum ecosystem. 

MetaMask keeps Noting Solid Growth

A year ago, MetaMask noted a peak of 264,000 monthly active users.

That figure was met with a lot of optimism, as this is a browser-based and mobile blockchain wallet.

Fast forward to today, and the project now boasts over 1 million monthly active users.

This note is apparent across both mobile and desktop ecosystems, which is a positive development.

Primarily the launch of the mobile versions has onboarded a lot of people.

Accessing cryptocurrency and blockchain should not require owning a full-fledged computer. Using a mobile device needs to be equally as viable. 

In terms of MetaMask mobile adoption, the US leads India, Nigeria, and the Philippines.

Contributing growth factors are more DAOs, as well as the DeFi industry boom.

Even the rise in Ethereum gas fees hasn’t impacted the growth curve in a negative manner.

Slowly but surely, this solution is transitioning from “just a wallet” into a solution providing access to DeFi and other blockchain projects. 

Additionally, one can’t deny how much the Ethereum ecosystem has grown over the past 12 months.

Viable games, DeFi solutions, investment options, and trading platforms have launched since then.

Combined with the technology stack of WalletConnect, MetaMasmk’s growth is likely to continue. 

The team is confident they can reach 2 million monthly active users in the future.

Doing so will require some big improvements for the Ethereum ecosystem.

Especially in the fees department, there is plenty of room for making things a lot better. 

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