MetaCryp To Mimic Platforms Like The Sandbox and Chiliz to Build A Better Metaverse For Crypto Enthusiasts


Most of the crypto projects gaining ground in the coin market today have the strong backing of their community. This type of support is earned when the crypto project fills a great need in the life of its users.

Projects like The Sandbox (SAND) allow users to build and monetize their digital worlds. The Chiliz project also cares for its users, allowing them to draw closer to their favorite sports team.

MetaCryp (MTCR) is a new crypto project currently running its token presale but has features to become very big in this space. Like The Sandbox, MetaCryp has a virtual world its users can build to suit their needs. Its features are fully customizable, allowing them to create their dream world and enjoy its features without leaving their comfort zone.

Will MetaCryp successfully mimic The Sandbox’s and Chiliz’s success? Let’s review the features of MetaCryp and compare them with The Sandbox and Chiliz.

Key Features Of MetaCryp

MetaCryp intends to leverage features of the Metaverse to make its users enjoy themselves. It has developed the perfect platform for users to have a blockchain-powered serene environment. This virtual world runs on the Binance Smart Chain network and is laced with real-time features.

MetaCryp will be a global platform with features mimicking real-life sights, weather, and landscape. This integration will allow users to tour the world through the MetaCryp ecosystem.

Visiting tourist centers within MetaCryp will be as realistic as being there physically. Hence, its users can cut costs, additional expenses, and planning that comes with physical travel.

In addition to the dream world opportunity, MetaCryp users can earn real money by playing the games hosted on the platform. Its superfast blockchain will ensure this game operates seamlessly and at low costs.

Rewards earned within the MetaCryp ecosystem will be received and stored in its native crypto wallet as MTCR tokens. These tokens can easily be transferred out of the MetaCryp platform and swapped. Thus, MetaCryp will offer a more straightforward reward system than most GameFi platforms.

How Does MetaCryp Network Match Up To The Sandbox And Chiliz

The Sandbox (SAND) is an NFT-powered MetaFi platform like MetaCryp. Its ecosystem comprises digital land available for sale on its NFT marketplace. These lands have a floor value, but like land in the real world, their value can increase due to the level of development in their area.

Users can purchase land parcels next to each other if he intends to build an enormous structure, such as a virtual park. These structures can be monetized through to other users to earn SAND tokens.

Chiliz (CHZ) is another community-powered project that partners with to create fan tokens. These tokens are owned by sports teams and sold to fans.

With these fan tokens, users can influence decisions made within the sports club. The sports club can also identify and reward active fans within its crypto community.

Chiliz intends to integrate NFT functionality so it can record epic moments in sports history as NFTs. This feature will further help its crypto community earn more money.

MetaCryp will mimic The Sandbox and create a Metaverse with dynamic functionalities and endless earning capabilities. Like Chiliz, it will be community driven regularly modified to meet the needs of its community members.

Participate In The MetaCryp Token Presale

MetaCryp (MTCR) has its token presale running from August 4 to December 14, 2022. It will be divided into three phases. The first phase ended on September 1, 2022, and phase 2 will end on October 20, 2022. Each stage has a decreasing bonus attached to participants.

For example, buying the token during phase 2 will give you a 7% bonus, while phase 3 will provide you with a 4% bonus. Additional reward opportunities available to participants include a 10% bonus to ETH and USDT ERC-20 users.

Presale participants can also earn referral bonuses when they invite others to the presale. This is a $100 bonus awarded to both parties when the invited user makes a purchase worth $400.

Visit and access the presale portal to initiate a transaction. After successfully registering and verifying your email, proceed with your token deposit. The transaction is complete once your token deposit is received and verified.

MetaCryp has all the features it needs to compete with giants The Sandbox and Chiliz when it launches. Its ecosystem will become one of the biggest platforms ever created. Join the revolution and follow the links below for more information about MetaCryp.




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