Metacade and Ripple Price Prediction: XRP and MCADE could 50x value in 2023


The crypto market has been having a rough time of it lately. But that makes now an ideal time to start making investments for the next cycle. Two coins that you may be looking at are Metacade and Ripple.

This article will give a Ripple price prediction for 2023 while also looking at how much Metacade (MCADE) could grow during that time. Keep reading to find our Ripple price prediction and to learn more about what the future has in store for these tokens.

What is Metacade?

Metacade intends to become the first true virtual arcade for Web3 games. It’s a community-centric gathering place where gamers can visit to play the best P2E and GameFi titles – sort of like Steam for crypto gaming. From action-packed adventure games to strategy titles that pit players against one another, there’s set to be something for everyone to enjoy in Metacade, all while earning in the process.

The platform offers many income-earning opportunities. These include:

  • Playing P2E games
  • Staking MCADE
  • Posting content that gets engagement from the community
  • And more

How does Metacade work?

Metacade is accessible to all and the community is welcoming to users from all different walks of life. All that you need to do to get started is visit the Metacade website and pick up some MCADE tokens and start playing exclusive titles. Many games are planned as entirely free with earning opportunities but there will also be some top-quality pay-to-play games too.

That’s it! There are no special requirements to enter Metacade.

Metacade Price Prediction

Before we get to our Ripple price prediction, let’s take a look at how much Metacade could grow in 2023. To do that, we first need to establish our starting point.

Metacade is currently conducting its presale with prices beginning at 125 MCADE for $1 and gradually increasing to 50 MCADE for $1. By the end of its presale, Metacade should have a market cap of just under $28 million.

If Metacade was going to 50x in value, then that market cap would have to go up to $1.4 billion. Is that realistic? Absolutely!

Some of the top metaverse projects of the last market cycle, include The Sandbox, Decentraland, and Axie Infinity. These all saw massive increases in price that brought their market caps to over $5 billion and Metacade could be well on its way to that.

Metacade’s scope is ambitious, yet realistic, and it could certainly see a similar level of buy-in from the community. That means not only is a 50x possible but even a 100x isn’t outside the realm of possibility.

Ripple Price Prediction

Ripple recently received a favorable decision in its lawsuit against the SEC and the path may now be paved for brighter days ahead. However, even the most bullish Ripple price prediction has to contend with the fact that XRP is already at a market cap of over $17 billion.

That means in order to 50x, Ripple would have to reach something like an $850 billion market cap. That’s nearly as high as Bitcoin got during the last cycle at its absolute peak.

A more realistic bullish Ripple price prediction might be around a $50-$100 billion market cap. You’d still triple your investment or more, but it would be extremely difficult to do better than that.

Metacade – The best-looking investment for the future

Ripple may have a bright future ahead of it now that it’s getting some legal clarity. But if you’re trying to decide between making an investment in MCADE or Ripple, then you have to consider the fact that MCADE is starting from a much lower market cap.

This means that each dollar invested in MCADE does much more to raise the asset’s price. It’s one of the main reasons why analysts are predicting MCADE will have a bullish 2023. When you add to that Metacade’s community-centric vision and the myriad of income-earning and gaming opportunities it provides, you get a project that’s seriously tough to ignore.

Want to learn more? Check out the following link.

You can participate in the Metacade presale here.


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