Meta Nebulas: What must you know about Meta Nebulas 2.0


As updated on 31st August 2022, Meta Nebulas has successfully acquired more than 20k users in the Meta Nebulas 1.0 Ecosystem. Meta Nebulas has sold out all Level 1 NFTs and now the Level 2 NFTs are almost sold out soon. So what’s the hype about this? 

In Meta Nebulas 1.0, users have to purchase the NFTs according to their own level and start SOCIALIZE-AND-EARN. Hence the procedures are simple and yet profitable, so it is very acceptable for anyone at any age. 

So what can you do with the NFTs in Meta Nebuals 2.0? Here is what you must know about Meta Nebulas 2.0! 

In Meta Nebulas 2.0, there are two ecosystems: METAMOVE-AND-EARN and METASOCIAL-AND-EARN! So what is METAMOVE-AND-EARN? METAMOVE-AND-EARN with the slogan of an hour of exercise makes you healthy a day. Users can workout for 60 minutes and they will be able to earn IONZ! So the reward calculation is based on a few elements such as calories burnt, duration, heartbeat bpm and steps. Each of these occupy a different percentage of the portion in reward. Not to forget, users may earn more IONZ if they have Daily Hour! 

In METASOCIAL-AND-EARN, users can invite friends in a group of 2, 5 or 8 and have a 60 minutes gathering and users will be able to earn IONZ by doing so! So what can users do in the gathering? Users may start doing METAMOVE-AND-EARN in the gathering or even have a coffee talk in the gathering as well. Sounds simple right? 

Can’t wait for the launch of Meta Nebulas 2.0? 

Stay tuned! 

More great news is coming! 

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