Meta Lion Circle Integrates Breakthrough Use Cases for NFTs and Sustainability Efforts

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As one of the most revolutionary expressions of blockchain technology, NFTs have the potential to go beyond the borders of the virtual medium and drive real-world change. By leveraging the advent of NFT innovation to enhance global sustainability efforts, Meta Lion Circle is a ground-breaking blockchain project that has the potential to impact how we utilize NFTs significantly. To date, MLC is the only carbon emission-negative NFT project certified by UNFCCC. 

Examining the Cutting-edge potential of Meta Lion Circle NFTs

Overall, the Meta Lion Circle comprises 9,999 NFTs unique to the Ethereum blockchain ecosystem. The Meta Lion Circle converges the desire for innovation and change. There are a total of 3,333 distinct collections, each including 3,333 distinct elements, and they all follow a single narrative route from beginning to end.

In addition to the Full Managed NFT Service, which is currently in the Beta and pre-seed funding phase, the enterprises added a NFT all-in-one toolkit, a launchpad for artists, and a filed trademark application for their CO2CNFT. Furthermore, the company is working on a 4-layered community structure, which includes the following: The App, The Discord, The Forum, and FMNFTS (Full Managed NFT Service). 

Testifying MLC’s commitment to contribute to significant causes, after each launch, the profits will be donated to registered charities. Following the first launch, the contributions for PTSD treatment will be sent to the Luxembourg-based veterans’ non-profit (A.A.C.S.P.L.). 

Uncovering Meta Lion Circle’s CO2CNFTs 

MLC develops diverse, robust, and consequential use cases that enable NFTs to realize their full potential as passive income-generating assets. Their customized compensation NFTs (CO2CNFT) are intended to make it simpler for members to receive certified compensation credits for their transactions using their own CO2CNFT. Each participant exerts their utmost effort toward their organization’s long-term development, expansion, and diversification to provide reliable revenue streams and consistently increase the value of their NFTs.

In all pursuits, Meta Lion Circle adopts an inclusive strategy to guarantee that the community has a say in determining the technology future. Consequently, they provide many extensive and substantial use cases for NFTs, enabling them to realize their full potential as assets that generate passive income on their own. 

Combating Climate Change and Enhancing Environmental Awareness

Aiming to tackle the detrimental impact of climate change and drive environmental action, this project is founded on solid, real-world foundations and was brought to life by a skilled, talented, and experienced team. In all endeavors, developing a real plan of action to combat climate change is a crucial component of this initiative, going well beyond just accounting for the quantity of carbon dioxide their activities create. Meta Lion Circle has obtained UNFCCC certification as of the 23rd of February, 2022, as the first carbon-negative NFT initiative.

Meta Lion Circle is addressing real world problems, jobs, education, nature, and climate. That is why they were selected among 10 winners of the Sustainable NFT Awards 2022. The prize was established and conducted by Futuratives, a group of enthusiastic people united for building a preferable future. 

Moving forward, the leaders of MLC aim to qualify this natural game reserve as an offsetting project with the assistance of their partner, ImpactScope. As soon as their self-generated CO2 credits are recognized, MLC will return the proceeds to the NFT holders who bought them.

In addition, Meta Lion Circle’s historical carbon footprint calculator is the most accurate carbon footprint calculator presently accessible for ETH wallet addresses, allowing users to comprehend how their investment decisions affect the external environment.

Meta Lion Circle – the Ultimate NFT Initiative

Without a doubt, investing in the Meta Lion Circle implies participation in a ground-breaking venture that will serve as a model for future important NFT ventures that have the potential to have a substantial influence on our lives. 

For those willing to join the first investors who hop on this cutting-edge NFT project, here are the main digital channels of Meta Lion Circle:

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