Announces First IDO on Polygon to Launch Crypto Market for Memes


Gibraltar, UK, 3rd June, 2021,, an upcoming platform that tokenizes and gamifies real world memes, will be the first Initial DEX Offering to be held on Polkastarter and its Polygon deployment, which has been completed recently.

The IDO will be held on June 15th on the Polkastarter platform, offering 1,250,000 $MEM (Memecoin) and aiming to collect 500,000 USDC. Afterwards $MEM will be listed on QuickSwap on 15 June. By using Polygon, IDO contributors will enjoy almost free and nearly instant transactions.

The project uses crypto and entertainment to provide a value to internet content. Users are able to mint memetic tokens, mToken , representing specific internet memes and priced according to its perceived value. 

Each memetic token is its own community of creators, with allowing people to create original content and monetize it. Other users can stake tokens on the platform to incentivize original content for the meme they choose. The creators of the best memes will receive special rewards in the form of NFT collectibles and art.

The platform includes a gamification aspect through meme expeditions. Anyone can create or join an expedition for a particular meme by funding it with $MEM, which grants them ownership tokens, or mTokens. The value of the expedition increases as more mTokens are purchased. 

MToken holders can also receive rewards, including Sponsor Rewards, which grant a continuous reward in MEM after an initial funding fee. In addition, Treasure Rewards are granted to those who contribute original content. The community votes each month on the best submissions, which are turned into NFTs. Contributions can include URL submissions, original memes, as well as Marble cards. Over time, Explorers progress through the platform to earn new titles and gain access to new rewards and exclusive societies. By participating in the debate rooms, they can earn additional MEM.

“Memes have become such an important cultural phenomenon that we’re surprised there haven’t been previous attempts to build a platform like ours,” said Mattias Tyberg, who goes by Sir Stonks at “With plenty of examples of ‘meme stocks’ and ‘meme coins’ like Dogecoin, we thought we might as well cut to the chase and tokenize memes directly! With the IDO, we aim to distribute our token to as many contributors as possible to let them discover our platform, following up on our $5M investment round.”

About can be described as if Wikipedia and Dogecoin had a baby. A place where people explore different memes and trends on the internet. It’s a way for people that create content and memes on platforms like Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, to explore the meme economy, enabling them to monetize their creations. 

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