It is interesting to see how Bitcoin continues to face opposition within the public sector, especially from various mainstream media outlets. Journalists all over the globe appear to be struggling with how cryptocurrencies work and thus tend to often produce stories that have an obvious prejudice towards the digital asset sector.

Mainstream Media Bias Continues

Finding correct information pertaining to Bitcoin and other alt-currencies across mainstream media outlets is becoming increasingly difficult these days. Spreading of misinformation skews the public’s perception of cryptocurrencies, however, this trend is rampantly being promulgated by the mainstream media at large.

Nic Carter, a respected member of the cryptocurrency community, is fed up with this situation and wants investors to learn about this field directly rather than rely on biased media outlets for their information.

More on the Matter

While there are definitely technical issues with cryptocurrencies that need to be addressed, there are also various misconceptions that are openly being propagated across the internet.

For example, financial sources such as Bloomberg, CNBC, repeatedly bring on guests who claim that cryptocurrencies “are not designed to be stable” nor can they ever be. This information is plain misleading, and one only needs to look at the Turkish Lira when considering the stability of fiat assets.

Moreover, the allegations of Bitcoin being used for criminal purposes need to stop. While it is true that Bitcoin has a loyal following among darknet users, at the same time, the currency also serves thousands of other legitimate purposes which often get glossed over by the media. 

Final Thoughts

It seems highly unlikely that the mainstream media will ever make an attempt to truly understand the potential of Bitcoin. This is primarily because many journalists are not interested in learning the truth and are pandering to the wishes of the rich elite that seem to own and operate most of today’s mainstream media outlets. 

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