CryptoMode CyrusOne Ransomware Maze

Numerous types of ransomware have made their mark on the IT industry over the years. Maze has always been one of the more successful strains. That situation has come to an end, as the original developers are no longer interested in distributing this payload. 

Maze Developers Throw in the Towel

It was a matter of time until fewer ransomware types would be distributed. Not because Maze is no longer successful, but simply because there are other avenues to explore. An interesting sentiment from the developers of this famous ransomware.They will, apparently, offer a broader explanation over the coming weeks. 

Phasing out the distribution of this ransomware will require some time. While the initial creators will no longer distribute the malware, it remains to be seen how everyone else responds. No “official” new attacks are planned. In fact, there haven’t been any major attacks since September of 2020. 

Furthermore, the website pertaining to this ransomware strain has been taken offline as well. Additionally, the developers are taking the command-and-control servers offline in the near future. Some of the most recently infected corporations will not see the problem go away, however. The Maze team is intent on cashing in one last time. 

What is interesting is how the majority of “affiliates’ have already found new toys. Egregor is the main draw for those who specialize in the distribution of ransomware. It is a new strain active since September. A large portion of Egregor’s code is similar to Maze as well.

Time for Something new?

On the one hand, it is commendable to see Maze’s creators take this course of action. On the other, one has to wonder what they are planning for the future. There doesn’t appear to be any involvement in Egregor. However, the allure of making money quickly by affecting large corporations will not go away either. 

There is no “retirement plan” for ransomware creators either. Finding a new pastime will not be too difficult for this team, but the specifics remain uncertain. It is another example of success through ransomware coming to an end. It’s certainly possible more developers will follow this lead by example. 

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