MayaGame has got investment from TheBlockResearch and ACS capital


New York-The Maya civilization was a Mesoamerican civilization developed by the Maya peoples, and you can probably experience it in MayaGame soon, since it got investment from TheBlockResearch and ACS capital to bootstrap the process of Maya-Resurrections development.

MayaGame has got millions of dollars from TheBlockResearch and ACS capital.

The venture capitalist buys a stake in an Maya’s idea has bring another good news for GameFi field in which productivity should flourish when users were starting to fret about something affecting market returns.

MayaGame names Maya-Resurrections is an SocialFi Platform which has DAO governance innovation and return to the original shape of Maya through P2E game process and social connection tasks. It seems like a wonderful game but it’s more than a game.

“We believe hedge funds that wagered MayaGame would growth rapidly could certainly expect good results in the future,” says Caspar, Product manager of Maya-Resurrections. “Although crypto can fall more in the near term, we note that market drawdowns dut to panic did not last very long.” The MayaGame and other projects who expect to develop platform with GameFi or SocialFi patterns could help it to get out of trouble recently.

The MayaGame is the First Game-based SocialFi protocol on Web3 actually. The Web3 is challenging IT companies, which serve as the central platform to connect users as the foundation of web2. But more companies were rushing to try to use web3 to attract users, after the pandemic had driven up demand as companies have embraced value distribution and get a collaborative approach base on value sharing within the organization. It also has another famous name—DAO.

MayaGame try to create a platform which allows users experience it and get rewards with GameFi and DAO system. Maya-Resurrections share the civilization of Maya which has no any unified centralized right. It is composed of hundreds of large and small city states. Wake up one day, the human world has returned to the Maya era, and the world composed of small city states has opened a new journey of civilization.

The Maya-Resurrections has been the first fully 3D Animated Digital Voxel Art collection of Maya as NFTs. Maya 3D-NFTs is 300 Limited Unique 3D City-State Model Minted on the Chain.

Every single NFT contains an unlockable asset pack which allows your Mayan City-State 3D into metaverses, augmented reality, virtual reality, along with almost any 3D modeling or animation software in the future.

“We are doing a number of things which we feel…in the medium term will solve those issues,” Paul said in an interview with us and MayaGame will focus more on coordination mode and mechanism of reward distribution. 

According to data complied by consulting firm, the number of active job openings related to web3 reached a new high of 585,000 in USA, almost double the 317,000 registered in USA last year.

The Maya-Resurrections are talking to some communities and they are also establishing relationship with regional communities that will actually go into web3 platforms, and pick out the bright ideas and invite them to join Maya world by using simple open protocol to create NFTs and Game model.

There is another example. Tesla, which has led the way in the development of electric vehicles, is switching the type of work flow used for all its employees to log system which released on blockchain which could help it participate in value distribution better.

The Maya-Resurrections will launch  MMORPG Game and Maya Lab in 2022 Q3, it makes MayaGame have one critical advantage: Open to all games. You can apply SDK from Maya to avoid expensive cost, if you are a programmer.

The timing is opportune. MayaGame has not encountered highly competitive game market, and market has gradually accepted the concept of Web3 as well. MayaGame’s pioneering work reshape DAO&GameFi will speed development of DAO.



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