Maskbook Brings Uniswap Trading Directly to Twitter Users

Making the trading of crypto assets more convenient remains an ongoing challenge. With the help of Maskbook, there is now a trading widget powered by Uniswap and Coinmarketcap. Its functionality is quite intricate, allowing for many different use cases. 

The Maskbook Vision

On the surface, the Maskbook project is rather versatile in many different ways. Building a portal to the new, open internet is no small task. Maaskbook wants to let users encrypt posts and charts on social networks through a browser-based plugin. This plugin currently works with Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Chromium-based browser solutions.

Venturing into browser widgets seems like a logical extension of this vision. Especially when considering the ongoing popularity of cryptocurrency and decentralized finance. It is crucial for technology companies to tap into these aspects, Maskbook enables the sending of reception of crypto assets on social networks. Adding more functionality was only a matter of time. 

The new Widget

To expand upon the functionality and impact of Maskbook, the team decided to integrate a trading widget. It takes data from Uniswap and Coinmarketcap. Every time a user – who has the plugin installed – hovers over “cashlet” tickers – such as $BTC – but the plugin will display prices of the asset, and offer trading solutions on the Uniswap platform. 

For now, this type of functionality is limited to just Twitter, It is the only place where “cashlet” tickers are rather common, after all. Being able to see information about tokens without having to open extra browser tabs is a pretty slick option. Whether it will lead to better trading decisions, is a different matter altogether. 

By integrating a solution like this, the entire Twitter community can gain more convenient access to DeFi tokens and ecosystems. It is commendable to see a company like Maskbook bring this functionality to market at no additional costs. 

It is also something Twitter could integrate over time, and not just for crypto assets either.  However, whether they would respect user privacy while doing so, remains to be determined. It appears that Maskbook checks all of the right boxes, making their browser plugin well worth checking out. 

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