Market Update: Tesla Earnings Come in Positively and Big Eyes Hits $18 Million Raised! Could this Renew the strength in Tech and Crypto Markets?


It is earnings season! This is the time when major companies report their revenues and earnings data from the last quarter. Tesla, headed up by Elon Musk, has kicked the season off with a bang, reporting over a 7% increase in expected EPS (Earnings Per Share).

How could this affect Tech and Crypto markets?

Earnings calls, particularly from large multi-billion dollar companies listed in the S&P 500, are a great indicator of economic growth and general economic stability. The last 6 months have been characterised by fears of economic decline, inflation and ultimately, recession.

What makes Tesla’s positive earnings so important, is that they are still operating successfully and profitably, reducing the fears of an impending recession. If large companies like Tesla continue to churn out positive results over the coming 6 months, recession fears will be dramatically reduced. This in turn will have a bullish effect on both traditional and cryptocurrency markets.

This all comes in the wake of Elon Musk’s wider affairs, such as his Twitter takeover and trial over the accusation that he misled Tesla investors via muddled tweets.

So what is the takeaway from this?

Well, it looks like both Tesla, and the US economy are for now in greener pastures than 6 months ago. If this earnings season continues in this vein then both the stock and crypto market could be in for a very positive few months.

Big Eyes Coin hits $18 million! What is next?

Big Eyes has been attracting a lot of attention of late. This 2022 presale token has stormed into the new year with its 200% bonus code LAUNCHBIGEYES200. This ‘cheetah’ code immediately triples any investment made in the Big Eyes presale, meaning your return on investment kicks off at a mouth-watering 200%!

A $100 purchase of Big Eyes currently gives you $300 worth! With only 6 stages left of the presale, there is guaranteed appreciation of investments meaning that your $100 purchase could be worth circa $400+ when the token launches on a Tier-1 CEX later in 2023.

A meme coin with the hype and community that Big Eyes has could have an extremely impressive launch, especially on a highly regarded Centralised Exchange. Once a presale is launched on such a platform, it is exposed to a vast amount of liquidity. Inevitably there will be a launch day pump of some nature. The exact symptoms of the pump are, of course, hard to predict.

What can be said for certain is that the larger community and buzz around a project, for which Big Eyes has both in abundance, the greater the pump on launch. If 2023 continues to see increased bullish momentum, don’t be surprised to see Big Eyes perform extremely well when BIG launches.

To Wrap Up

Taking both Big Eyes and Tesla as a case study of their respective markets, the near future is looking relatively bullish for tech stocks and cryptocurrencies. Big Eyes hitting that all-important $18 million benchmark underlines the community belief and fundamentals of the project.

Tesla’s positive earnings call replicates this and gives hope for the wider financial market that we are not heading into a recession. If we continue to see large companies’ earnings calls in the green next week, both traditional and crypto markets could be in for a bullish few months.

Looking to buy BIG in the Big Eyes presale? There is less than $1 million left to raise until stage 10 launches and the price increases! Check the links below to find out more!





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