Market-Leading Burn Mech Amplified By Incredible One-Off Burn From, Top 100 Alongside BitDAO And Nexo Likely


Uniglo already had market-leading burn mechanics. So recent news that the platform will destroy even more tokens in a one-off launch burn has stunned some of the market. Stunned in a good way. Experts think it could be aiming for the big time, and may solidify its status as a Top 100 Altcoin within the next few months. This will make current investors a ton of money, and there’s still time left to be one of them.

It’s not just other crypto investments that are struggling to keep up with Uniglo’s early potential: it’s traditional investments, too. Uniglo could be that one pick for your portfolio that fires your finances into a brighter future. It’s an investment you can be sure will never be printed or minted and will become more scarce over time thanks to its industry-leading burn mechanics. These mechanics just got a boost:

Uniglo (GLO) adds to already-incredible burn mechanics

Uniglo leads the market with an ongoing model that includes radical dual-burn tokenomics. With this ultra-burn strategy, GLO will burn more tokens than any other crypto throughout its journey to continually reduce supply and provide a strong upside for existing investors. By raising a small sales tax on transactions, GLO will use some of these funds to buy back unsold tokens to destroy. It will also burn coins on every single Uniglo transaction.

The recently-announced launch burn will take GLO’s scarcity credentials to the next level. All leftover tokens from pre-sale will be burned in a one-off mega-burn event. That means now is the time to act if you want to prepare your portfolio for growth before these burns take place.

BitDAO’s (BIT) place in the crypto charts may be under threat

As a collective of builders and development ecosystems governed by its own BIT token, BitDAO already embraces its community and offers key upside potential for investors. But prices are still way down from a high of around $2.80 last year, and some are beginning to question whether it can turn things around. Moreover, it could soon be surpassed by the strength of Uniglo.

Nexo (NEXO) remains volatile

Nexo has already helped improve access to crypto investments for regular people by creating an easy-to-use all-in-one platform for borrowing and lending. But its underlying price remains volatile, and the future is still uncertain. That’s why some of its investors have started watching GLO more closely, as they believe it could offer them more stable gains in the next few months.


NEXO and BIT’s place in the crypto charts might be under threat. They could both soon be surpassed by break-out star GLO, which has all the strength needed to bring gains to your portfolio over the coming months.

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