Malicious Bitcoin QR Code Generators Steal $45,000 in a Month

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As the year trucks along, there are even more scams pertaining to cryptocurrencies to take note of. It now appears various fake QR code generators are making the rounds, and they are very successful to boot.

Many people generate a QR code to receive cryptocurrency payments in a convenient manner.

Fake QR Code Generators are Popular

To do so, they can generate a QR code through the wallet of their choice, for example.

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Others rely on online code generators for this specific purpose, for reasons unknown.

As of right now, there are nearly a dozen of these fake QR code generators.

Unsurprisingly, they are very successful in terms of stealing funds from unsuspecting users as well.

It is expected that criminals already obtained a total of $45,000 in Bitcoin over the past few weeks.

Why anyone sues a website to generate a Bitcoin QR code, is anyone’s guess.

This functionality can be found in virtually all common wallets, and even exchanges provide that functionality as well.

Given the current success of these fake generators, it is possible that more websites will surface.

No one should ever rely on online generators, whether it is for QR codes or wallet addresses with private keys.

Cryptocurrency is all about being in control of one’s funds at all times. 

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