Getting more merchants to accept cryptocurrencies will remain an uphill battle. Pundi X and MakerDAO may have come up with an elegant solution to address this situation.

For now, both companies are joining forces to tackle the Latin American market.

Dai as a Merchant Tool

Merchants will be able to obtain a free device to begin accepting cryptocurrency payments. 

Known as XPOS, it is a blockchain-based point of sale mobile terminal that can easily be integrated.

Through this terminal, merchants can begin accepting DAI, Bitcoin, NPXS, Ether, and several other currencies.

Under normal circumstances, integrating a new point of sale terminal would be a rather costly affair.

Pundi X and MakerDAO acknowledge that problem, which is why they will extend this free offering.

Only eligible merchants will receive the device at no cost, however.

All transaction amounts are settled in Dai, ensuring merchants don’t have to worry about volatility.

This new campaign will kick off in Brazil, with other countries to follow in the months to come.

Interested parties need to submit a CNPJ and a have a physical store.

All crypto transactions will remain subject to a 2% commission during the initial stage.

This option is still much cheaper compared to handling payment card transactions.


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