Make The Best Of Uwerx(WERX) And These Other Cryptocurrencies In The Coming Market Wave


Only a few things hurt more than missed opportunities, but in the crypto market, there’s a lot of that going on. So you have to make do with the opportunities you can profit from. However, it’s a different level of regret when you spot an opportunity and refuse action. Uwerx presents one of the best opportunities we have seen in the market. A lot of crypto enthusiasts would miss the opportunity to be early on it but don’t be in the crowd.

In addition to Uwerx, this article mentions other cryptocurrencies you could take advantage of in the coming market wave.


Polygon(MATIC) is one of the biggest cryptocurrencies in the market, and while most of the market was plunging due to the FTX drama last year, it showed strength. Polygon had made some strong partnerships with top Web2 companies like Spotify, Reddit, Meta, and several others towards the end of the year. Polygon held strong with the promise of exciting updates in the coming months. Polygon is a low-cost blockchain network, and that has been the standout feature for Web2 companies looking to test the waters in the blockchain market. It allows these companies to onboard their users without adjusting to predominant high transaction fees in the crypto market.


Apecoin(APE) is the native coin of the APE community, created by Yuga Labs. The community is predominantly NFT-focused, and APE only serves as a utility and governance token, allowing members access to other brand offerings. The coin launched in Q1 2022 and was impressive for the rest of the year. 2023 hasn’t been particularly interesting for the token, but we could see a turn of events soon. Yuga Labs will launch its main play-to-earn game soon, and with APE as a major in-game asset and utility token, you can see some gains holding the token.


Uwerx is an emerging solution built on the Ethereum blockchain that caters to the global gig economy. With the recent rapid growth in the freelance industry, Uwerx will be precisely what the industry needs to thrive.

In a recent global poll reported on Forbes, more than 90% of company executives stated they use freelancers and want to grow their reliance on them. Nearly 80% of firms claim they use freelancers more frequently than full-time employees in the recession.

Uwerx’s approach to the market allows more decentralization and gives back more value to the users. Predominant companies in the freelancer industry charge up to 20% fees on transactions carried out on their platforms. In addition, they implement several other nuances to make a profit for themselves.

Uwerx’s decentralized nature will allow users to keep as much money as possible while taking community suggestions for major upgrades and feature improvements. Some unique features of Uwerx will include transparent pricing, personalized matching, incentivization, etc.

WERX will serve as a preservation of value for the platform and the native utility token. Users will be able to trade the token once it launches. However, there’s a golden opportunity to buy WERX for as low as $0.0225 on presale below market price and make some profit.

The project has been audited by InterFi Network and SolidProof, so join the presale before the opportunity passes.

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