Major fall in the price of Flow (FLOW), investors look forward to Uwerx (WERX) Crypto Presale


The crypto market has undergone huge changes in the past few years, with 2022 being especially a tumultuous year. Crypto experts predict a recovery of the market in 2023, urging investors to make use of the changing conditions. For cryptos like Flow (FLOW), the going has been tough despite a bright start.

However, Uwerx, an upcoming platform, has extremely good growth potential as per crypto analysts. Let us look at the two platforms and their investment worthiness in 2023 and beyond.

Bullish Phase for Flow (FLOW)

Flow (FLOW) is a developer-friendly blockchain built for new-generation apps, games, and digital assets powering them. It focuses on fast and seamless blockchain experiences. Used mainly by developers, validators, and participants in the FLOW network, the crypto is also used for safe, secure, and seamless payments.

Priced at $0.9958, the 24-hour trading volume of Flow (FLOW) is $38,267. When it was first launched in the open market in 2021, Flow (FLOW) was valued at $0.96. It increased to its all-time high value of $46.16, but soon started to decline in 2022, ending the year at $0.635. The future outlook for Flow (FLOW) is positive, with analysts predicting an increase in the value up to $3.7.

Uwerx (WERX) Draws Investors With Its Dynamic Design

Uwerx is a prospective blockchain-based decentralized platform for freelancers built on the Polygon network. It will aim to improve, adapt, and overcome the challenges faced by freelancers. The upcoming platform assures greater security and better records of transactions. Priced at $0.0065, its liquidity will be locked when its presale concludes and thereafter for 25 years.

Some of the important benefits that Uwerx offers for users are:

  • Lower fees than the rates charged by freelancing platforms like Upwork
  • Protection of the intellectual property rights of creators
  • Better security and trust with decentralized storage
  • Increased record transparency due to the storage on the blockchain
  • Integration with Slack, Trello and Asana
  • Contract ownership renouncement

The Excellent Future Outlook for Uwerx (WERX)

Despite being in the presale phase, Uwerx has managed to grab investor interest due to factors like its unique focus on freelancers. The platform has a liquidity lock for 25 years after its presale end, additionally, Solidproof and InterFi Network has audited it, which are reassuring signs for potential investors. After taxes had been eliminated, the team renounced the ownership of smart contracts.

Knowledgeable investors will be aware that projects like Uwerx that have high resiliency and a potent design can provide huge gains. Investing early in the freelance-based project can, therefore, provide substantial returns.

We believe that the platform offers a promising investment opportunity. As per crypto experts, the value of WERX could increase by 6,000%.

Uwerx Presale: An Ideal Crypto Investment Now

While the long-term market sentiment for Flow (FLOW) is bullish, the recent performance of this crypto makes it a risky choice in 2023. However, Uwerx has an extremely good future outlook, given the fact that analysts predict its value to increase to $2.60 by Q1 2024, thus revolutionizing the freelance sector.

With a robust design, the freelancing platform has many strong points that give it a competitive edge over other crypto assets. It has a high probability of becoming a popular blue-chip crypto used worldwide by millions of people.

While Flow (FLOW) could see some increase in momentum in the future, we believe it is beneficial to take up opportunities with a high growth prospect like Uwerx. For investors in search of potentially profitable cryptos, Uwerx can provide the desired outcomes. Check out the ongoing Uwerx presale now!






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