Luke Dashjr Expresses Concern over BRC-20 Populairty Hindering Bitcoin’s Performance

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Leading Bitcoin Core developer Luke Dashjr has expressed frustration with the BRC-20 ordinals and memecoin mania that has congested the Bitcoin network. On May 8th, he lamented that remedial action should have been implemented months ago to address the Ordinals fad.

Digital Call to Action and the Quest for Spam Filtration

In a move akin to a digital fatwa, Luke Dashjr issued an email urging for prompt action, emphasizing that “spam filtration has been an integral aspect of Bitcoin Core since its inception.” 

He regretted the oversight in not extending the existing filters to Taproot transactions, considering it a ‘bugfix’ that doesn’t warrant waiting for a major release. Dashjr’s message generated diverse reactions throughout the cryptocurrency community.

The Alleged “Civil War” Among BTC Core Developers, Miners, and Ordinals Holders

Ethereum proponent Ryan Berckmans called the situation a “civil war” involving BTC Core developers, miners, and Ordinal holders. While developers like Luke Dashjr consider Ordinals and BRC-20 memecoins as spam, they prove advantageous for BTC miners due to the soaring transactions and fees resulting from increased block space demand.

However, Bitcoin analyst ‘Checkmate’ from Glassnode disputed the notion of a civil war, characterizing it as “an email by one highly ideological Bitcoin developer.”

Kraken’s NFT product lead, Washington Sanchez, remarked:

“Luke is waging a one-man crusade against ordinals; I doubt other developers will take him seriously, given their previous comments that Bitcoin was operating as expected if people were submitting valid transactions.”

Divisions and the Ongoing Debate on Bitcoin’s Functionality

Disagreements within the Bitcoin community are not unprecedented and are expected to continue. Bitcoin is currently experiencing an ‘Ethereum moment,’ with transaction fees surpassing those on the Ethereum chain. This challenges those who wish to utilize Bitcoin for its primary purpose—digital money.

Daily BTC network transactions have surged to record-breaking levels, exceeding 600,000, as reported by Bitinfocharts. Consequently, this has driven up the cost of using the blockchain.

Transaction fees skyrocketed to around $30 on May 8th and 9th, and although the network remains burdened, it continues processing blocks.

Mempool Space reveals that there are currently over 390,000 pending transactions on the Bitcoin blockchain.

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