Low-cap ZK Coins Overview: Spillways, Cia Protocol, Suterusu

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Zero-knowledge protocols are on many people’s radars these days. The protocols can provide a new way for users to prove and verify information without sharing additional information. Numerous projects leverage this technology, and the following low-cap ZK projects are worth keeping an eye on. 


The primary objective of the Spillways protocol is to enable global anonymous transactions over the blockchain. In addition, the protocol is operated as a DAO through its governance token. That ensures users can help shape the project’s future and weigh in on crucial decisions. All transactions occur privately over the Ethereum network but at a higher throughput.

The project has a $50,000 market cap today, and little is known about its ZK technology. However, it may be the next major gem, as no one knows what the future holds. Always DYOR, though. 

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Cia Protocol

Like Spillways, Cia Protocol is a relatively unknown ZK project with a market cap below $1 million. It has gone through a recent price crash, which may hint at some potential issues among investors and holders. However, the project promises to establish a true form of DeFi with a substantial focus on privacy. 

The native currency also provides exclusive benefits, including accessing certain protocol aspects, voting, and proposal rights. However, the project hasn’t been too active on Twitter lately, which is worth considering before investing. 


This is the first ZK project on this list with a multi-million dollar market cap. Suterusu is valued at $3.46 million and wants to become a crucial private payment infrastructure for the cryptocurrency industry. It is compatible with Ethereum, Polygon, Fantom, NEAR Protocol, Avalanche, and BNB Chain. Moreover, the protocol’s Suter Shield network ensures no private data is exposed during transactions. 

A universal Layer-2 solution for private transactions can be of keen interest to users looking to achieve a degree of privacy. Suteruse uses advanced ZK-ConSNARK technology with shorter proofs and higher efficiency. 

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