Loopring Brings Free Transactions to the Ethereum Network

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Advancing the cryptocurrency industry to a whole new level – while catering to mainstream users – is a very tough balancing act. Slowly but surely, the proper foundations are being laid to make this happen. 

For some time now, Loopring has been making waves in the crypto space.

Another Major Upgrade for Loopring

It provides unprecedented scaling for Ethereum, as well as any token issued on this particular blockchain.

While the zkRollup implementation initially only supported trading, its functionality has now been expanded upon.

Known as Loopring Pay, it lets users send Ether and ERC20 tokens instantly and at no cost. 

Not only will this be beneficial to exchange and wallet providers, but it elevates the entirety of Ethereum.

Given how this ecosystem is home to a booming DeFi segment, zkRollup will certainly pave the way for interesting use cases.

All of this functionality is now part of the Loopring Protocol and Relayer by default.

Being able to send money across this network at no cost would certainly shake things up quite a bit. 

By introducing such features, Loopring shows the entire world how cryptocurrency payments are designed and what they must be able to achieve.

Feeless transactions are seemingly the next major hurdle to overcome, and Ethereum seems to be well ahead of its competitors in this regard.

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