Loop Games: Jump From Mobile Game World To Blockchain-Based Games

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Loop Games quit the mobile gaming industry and headed for blockchain games with its new play-to-earn pet project named Pethereum

Pethereum Preview

Pethereum is a brand new play-to-earn metaverse from Loop Games. The game is currently under development, but here is the gameplay in short. When users enter the game they get one randomly generated NFT pet for free. With these pets users can play diverse casual games within the metaverse. While playing they can gain new NFTs. All in all there are more than 13 billion original pets of certain NFT values depending on their rarity rates. Users search the metaverse for the rarest pet using different ways of obtaining new creatures. 

Play And Earn

The Loop Games team would like to present its Pethereum metaverse designed for earning money while having fun. Users will be able to play for free on iOS and Android devices. The Pethereum metaverse will host various games, so users will be able to obtain in-game crystals with the help of their NFT pets. It will be possible to buy pet eggs with these crystals.

There are four earning options in the Pethereum metaverse. 

    1. Players will be able to sell their pets at the market. Each NFT pet will have a certain value depending on its rarity rate.
    2. Players will be able to earn $PETH tokens during game tournaments.
    3. Players will be able to stake available NFTs. 
    4. Pethereum will periodically buy $PETH from the market with the game’s profit and create a buyback staking reward pool. Players can earn DAO tickets by staking their $PETH, and they can join this buyback reward pool with their tickets and earn $PETH.

Dream Team
The group of highly creative personalities from Loop Games has got a profound experience in the mobile gaming business. Today the sophisticated team of game developers is very ambitious about the NFT and blockchain technologies. They are going to change the concept of blockchain-based play-to-earn games and to breathe new life into the whole industry. 

Closed Alpha Version

In the beginning of April 2022 the Pethereum metaverse will unveil its Closed Alpha Version for the chosen applicants. Initially the Alpha version will host only one game. The metaverse will be equipped with more and more new games in the future.

Such occasions are quite rare, so the upcoming event should be very attractive for eager players. Meanwhile there is an ongoing selection process. One can fill in the online application form for the Closed Alpha and wait for the reply fingers crossed. Early supporters and active members will much more likely get shortlisted.

Visit https://pethereum.io/ to get more information on the Pethereum metaverse. Don’t miss any significant event!

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