LooksRare and OpenSea Likely To Be Beaten By Presale Token Degrain (DGRN)


This article will compare new crypto Degrain (DGRN) with two renowned digital platforms LooksRare and OpenSea and help you understand why LooksRare and OpenSea are Likely to be beaten by Presale Token Degrain (DGRN).

LooksRare (LOOKS)

The LooksRare (LOOKS) NFT marketplace, which focuses on the community and actively compensates traders and creators for participation, is powered by the LOOKS token. The LooksRare (LOOKS) rewards scheme was developed directly for the previous generation of NFT markets, whose fees mostly rewarded a single entity. 

Users can acquire LooksRare (LOOKS) tokens through various activities, such as exchanging NFTs on LooksRare, and staking LooksRare (LOOKS), which also generates WETH fees. The trading platform of LooksRare is user-friendly for seasoned NFT traders while offering cutting-edge features like collection-wide offers, immediate royalties for authors, and flexible purchases utilizing mixed tokens (WETH + ETH).

The LooksRare (LOOKS) concept was created in response to the first generation of NFT markets to nurture the NFT community by rewarding user engagement.


Users can purchase and trade non-fungible tokens on OpenSea. OpenSea was the first NFT marketplace with the most users collecting cryptographic items. Thanks to the Wyvern Protocol, members can easily trade NFTs and other digital assets on the platform.

Through its several categories, including films, graphics, music, and art, OpenSea users can quickly browse over 34 million digital assets. They can also browse a variety of cryptographic works of art and collectibles, including those from Axie Infinity, CryptoPunks, and Decentraland.

The Ethereum blockchain once exclusively supported OpenSea. However, OpenSea has changed over time to become a cross-chain marketplace that uses Polygon and Klatyn.

Degrain (DGRN)

Degrain (DGRN) is a novel concept that pays its creators, users, and investors for using the platform. It is a cross-chain NFT marketplace. Think about trying to purchase an NFT using BNB, but the seller has listed the NFT for sale on Ethereum. That is the original concept Degrain (DGRN)is introducing.

It is made possible by the AI smart contract of Degrain (DGRN), which allows for the payment of NFTs with various cryptocurrencies.

By buying, selling, trading, or investing a small sum in an NFT on Degrain (DGRN) marketplace, users can gain access to their native currency, known as DGRN tokens. Because the corporation would distribute all trading fees to stakes, Degrain (DGRN) investors would be able to generate a passive income of around 18% per year. Every royalty will be given to the creators at the point of sale. Customers who purchase Degrain (DGRN) during the presale will also receive a lifetime 100% discount on trading fees and priority access to several prizes. Crypto analysts are predicting a further 6,000% rise before the presale ends on 30th September. Our pick of the month for top crypto investment goes to Degrain (DGNR).

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