Looking for a cryptocurrency to buy now? Why Big Eyes can be a perfect fit for your portfolio for potentially 100X gains


What is Big Eyes?

Decentralized finance (DeFi) has been an agent of change for the global financial services industry with its emphasis on the absence of authority with absolute control over the process of investment. Powered by blockchain technology, DeFi assets like cryptocurrencies were able to amass a worldwide following largely because they eliminated the role of third-party intermediaries like banks and brokerage firms. Continuing with the trend, meme coins have further enabled investors to monetize pop culture trends like memes and cash in on their popularity. Meme coins, which are cryptocurrencies inspired by memes, have over time evolved to offer their users more practical use cases. A prime example of the new-age meme coins is Big Eyes, an upcoming community token that has set the cryptocurrency market abuzz with a host of features that aim to enable more investors to switch to decentralized protocols for investing and generating income.

Big Eyes is a community-driven meme coin that has an express goal of accelerating the adoption of DeFi solutions for wealth generation with seamless NFT trading and token swapping services, among other features. The meme coin’s entry into the cryptocurrency market comes at a time when community tokens are being utilized increasingly for their capacity to generate wealth. It also has a native token called BIG and will be used for various transactional purposes on the platform like staking, token swapping, earning rewards, and liquidity pool provisioning, among other options. The token will be available for purchase on presale for interested buyers.

How did Big Eyes get its name?

The meme coin is inspired by the legend of Big Eyes – a cat born in Washington DC who often felt embarrassed because of his big eyes and when people called him cute because of them. That was mainly because he thought it made him look weak and meek. He was adopted by a rocket scientist couple who worked at NASA. Between learning the basics of space engineering with them and growing up, Big Eyes was having a good time until tragedy struck and the couple abandoned him to pursue a YouTube experiment involving dark matter. Suddenly, Big Eyes was left to fend for himself at the tender age of three. Not one to give up easily, Big Eyes hitched a ride on a yacht and set about on a sea voyage. He spent a year on the yacht learning about the ways of the sea, meditating, and doing yoga. However, his peace was short-lived when he was thrown into the sea during a storm. He was thankfully saved by a humpback whale who left him on Japanese shores. Big Eyes decided to use the opportunity to learn about the culture of the country, right from the art of sushi to zazen. It was during one of his meditation sessions that he realized that his cuteness was a strength and not a weakness as he had earlier thought. He realized that he could cash in on his cuteness to inspire memes and make millions of them. The rest as they say is history.

How can you purchase the BIG Token?

The process to purchase the token is fairly simple as users can choose from multiple payment options like debit and credit cards and, cryptocurrencies like Ethereum’s ETH and Tether’s USDT token. However, before they start users will have to download a digital wallet like MetaMask or any other wallet provided it is compatible with WalletConnect, which is an open-source tool for connecting mobile phones with dApps. The Big Eyes team recommends the MetaMask wallet for desktop browsers and the Trust Wallet for mobile browsers. After their wallet is activated, users will have to choose the payment method and make the payment. However, those using their debit or credit cards will first have to purchase ETH tokens and then use them to buy the BIG Token. It is advised that one buys at least $15 worth of ETH tokens to be able to purchase the minimum quantity of BIG Tokens allowed to be bought in a single transaction on the Big Eyes platform. The users will be able to access the purchased tokens on the claims page once the public presale ends.

How can buyers gain by investing in Big Eyes?

The everyday operations of Big Eyes will be supervised by a team of hard-working professionals with a diverse range of skills. These professionals will be working 24×7 to ensure a hassle-free user experience that will help them take Big Eyes to new heights of popularity. The team would be led by Top Cat or PawZilla and the technical issues will be handled by Tech Cat or CatNipper. The two OpCats — TenPaws and CatSuits – will be looking after the everyday management of the platform. Meanwhile, matters related to the BIG Token would be handled by Hype Cat or Hypurrr. For decoding legalese and advising it in legal matters, the platform will depend on the expertise of Law Cat or CatsEyes.

Let’s talk about the BIG Token which is a full-stack community token. With a total supply of 200,000,000,000 coins, Big Eyes will be ensuring that everyone can take advantage of the opportunity it represents. Of the total supply, 90% of the tokens will be set aside for presale. People will be able to purchase 70%n of the tokens through public presale and the other 20% via exchange. The remaining 10% of the supply will be split equally between marketing and promotional activities and charitable donations. What’s more, is that users will not have to pay any tax whenever they buy or sell these tokens. These tokens also come with an auto-burn function which ensures that these tokens are regularly burned and their supply stays scarce. A scarce supply keeps the value of a cryptocurrency token stable and minimizes price fluctuations.

As far as NFTs go, the Big Eyes plans do not disappoint. The Big Eyes team has introduced a robust yet nuanced marketplace mechanism for trading NFTs and enabling investors to earn ample gains. The platform will be making efforts to ensure that the NFT series trading on the Big Eyes network ends up in the Top 10 list. Plus, it will be hosting NFT events regularly throughout the year so that people have ample trading opportunities. Any profits that the platform earns from these events will be put to a ‘burn or not to burn’ vote.

Is the Big Eyes project a scam?

Big Eyes has planned an extensive list of activities that will help the platform gain more traction and draw users. The marketing wallet will be financing these activities and users will be able to track them. These activities would include social media campaigns, events, and partnering with influencers to spread the word about Big Eyes and its features. Also, community members will be able to purchase official Big Eyes merchandise and help with its publicity. They will also be allowed to lend a hand with the platform’s fundraising pitches.

The platform will also levy a 10% tax on NFT transactions. The tax collected will be distributed among token holders (5%), the owners of NFTs (4%), and charitable donations (1%). Moreover, all donations made to charitable organizations by the platform can be tracked by users via the charity wallet. Another distinctive factor about the Big Eyes platform is that it rewards participation. Hence, the more a user engages with the platform, the higher the rewards. Interestingly, these rewards will be in terms of BIG Tokens and NFTs. Moreover, as the platform believes in decentralization, users can expect several opportunities to contribute to the platform’s development via their participation. The platform’s tax structure is very dynamic as it can be tweaked to accommodate any extra charges for services like maintenance of the marketing wallet, the auto-burn function, and liquidity pool acquisition.

Learn more about the Big Eyes Token: 

Presale: https://buy.bigeyes.space

Website: https://bigeyes.space/ 

Telegram: https://t.me/BIGEYESOFFICIAL 

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