LocalCryptos Enables Trading Support for Litecoin


Litecoin is one of the older established cryptocurrencies that so many people tend to overlook in this day and age. Despite those struggles, the popular altcoin is now available for trading on the LocalCryptos platform.

Finding more opportunities to freely exchange, buy, and sell crypto assets is becoming increasingly difficult.

Another Option to Trade Litecoin

Virtually all service providers require their users to complete a KYC procedure, which doesn’t sit well with everyone.

Those who have “nothing to hide” find these procedures annoying more than anything else as well. 

Non-custodial solutions can fill a major gap in this regard, although very few of them support anything other than Bitcoin or Ethereum.

In the case of LocalCryptos, the addition of Litecoin will undoubtedly be interesting to keep an eye on. 

Clients can now trade LTC through a non-custodial escrow solution.

According to the team, it is the exact same escrow solution used for Bitcoin, as everything will be settled through on-chain P2SH transactions.

The addition of Litecoin to this platform will be quite telling for what needs to happen next.

Although LocalCryptos wants to introduce support for alternative crypto assets, it remains to be seen if any will be integrated.

We do know it will not be Dogecoin, which may be a missed opportunity. 

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