Litecoin Will Receive Confidential Transaction Support Soon

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Advancing the development of Litecoin will be crucial to the altcoin’s future. Introducing confidential transactions is one way of shaking things up quite a bit. 

It appears the Litecoin Foundation has high expectations for confidential transactions on the Litecoin network.

Major Changes are Coming to Litecoin

Many people often mock Litecoin for having little to no active development.

While that may be true on the surface, the altcoin receives plenty of attention from developers.

Not only are they looking to support MimbleWimble, but they are also checking the viability of confidential transactions.

This latter venture will receive the full support and appropriate funding from the Litecoin Foundation.

All donations contributed by the community will help sponsor David Burkett.

He is the individual responsible for implementing this privacy-centric feature into Litecoin.

Some users may recall the name, as Burkett is also the developer of Extension block MimbleWimble.

For now, Burkett will have his work cut out for him.

Coding this new solution into Litecoin will require at least 15 hours per week, if not more. 

As a side project, Burnett will also spend a similar amount of time on Grin++, allowing it to be forked onto Litecoin’s Extension block further down the line.

It is crucial for the developers to maintain their integration of bitcoin core codebase developments.

To do so, they will need additional resources to ensure that situation remain identical to how it is today.

Balancing the old approach with the integration of new features is a tough balancing act.

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