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Partnerships are the lifeblood of any industry, and the cryptocurrency sector is no exception. The Litecoin Foundation is heading down an interesting path by joining forces with Atari, the gaming giant. 

Most people tend to ignore Litecoin in this day and age.

This is despite the network being very powerful and potent.

Atari and Litecoin Join Forces

In some ways, it is even better than Bitcoin, despite having far lower mainstream adoption.

Even so, the Litecoin Foundation is looking to explore new partnerships.

One such joint venture comes in the form of partnering with Atari.

It appears that the video gaming giant will introduce LTC as  a payment method within the Atari ecosystem.

Moreover, Litecoin’s technology will interact with the gaming ecosystem in other ways too. 

A new digital asset will be launched by Atari to become a new form of money on its entire platform.

This launch is expected to take place in September 2020, although the timeline can be moved up if need be. 

What all of this means for Litecoin as a currency and project, is very difficult to predict.

The currency may not gain more traction because of this partnership, although no one can accurately predict what the future may hold.


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