Lisk Layoffs Reduce Overhead Costs to Make the Project More Agile Again

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Whenever a cryptocurrency or blockchain company lays off employees, there is some concern. In the case of Lisk, the layoffs will not affect the company in any negative way.

The Lisk project has been around for quite some time now.

The Future Still Looks Bright for Lisk

Following some initial successes, the team had grown to 53 employees working on the project.

Unfortunately, it now appears that 21 of those staffers were let go late last week.

While laying off 40% of the staff could cripple any company, Lisk will not be off worse than they were before.

Instead, the decision was made to head into 2020 with a solid team of individuals. 

All of these individuals work for Lightcurve and will try to advance the development of Lisk.

The decision was made to ensure talent in crucial departments was retained.

As such, the remaining employees will continue their focus on (blockchain) development, research, and operations.

Other employees will focus on marketing, design, and business development.

As far as the reasoning behind these layoffs is concerned, the Lisk team is primarily concerned with the burn rate of funds.

By reducing this burn rate by a large degree, more money can be dedicated to the core aspects of the project.

A reduction in overhead costs will also lead to Lisk and Lightcurve becoming more agile again, paving the way for bigger and better things.

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