Links are Not Dead

links are not dead

In the online world there has recently been talk about the uncertainty of url and links futures. Some say that links are dead, while others have more to say on the topic. Seeing as many of the readers are viewing this article as part of a SEO leveraged link, the answer is pretty self explanatory.

In a study by SEMrush, four out of the eight main factors of ranking factors for a URL are still based on link backs. These include total referring domains, total backlinks, referring IPs, and follow backlinks. This combined with the fact that almost half of all Google searches have local intent with 28% of ranking factors based on links is very compelling evidence that supports links.

Links aren’t going away anytime soon especially when link building and technical optimization are still the two most effective SEO tasks. However, we have learned that not every link is created equal. Some of the talk about the death of links may have sometime to do with the rise of the “bad” link.

Google has recently cracked down on these “bad” links but there are four main categories that you still might stumble upon today. The first is a link scheme. A Link scheme is the unauthorized buying and selling of sponsored or advertising links without the proper tagging. This means that you might see sponsored content on a website that has not specified that it had ad affiliations.

Doorway pages are specially designed linked pages that are crafted to be the first search result for a specific query. For example, if I searched “milk” in Google and clicked on the first result and it happened to be a doorway page, I would get sent to another page that may have nothing to do with my initial query.

Hidden links are links that you can not see with your eyes. They are hidden within the page with the sole intent of you accident triggering them when you are browsing the web. The last type of links are thin affiliates. Thin affiliates use content from other websites without even interpreting it or creating any unique value using the information.

If you are a business owner try not to be discouraged by the volume of information that is out there on the Internet. Periodically Google yourself to make sure that you have not been caught up in any of these four Internet traps and email your SEO advisor as soon as possible.

Do not be afraid to leverage your website. Answer those questions in the comments of your webpage, install infographics, and just do what you can to stay relevant in the ever changing technological sphere that we live in today. SEO and link optimization is not hard but it does require some effort from the business owner.

Developing your own network and fanbase now can help SEO optimizers to get the maximum coverage of your businesses as necessary. Links are not dead – they have merely evolved to fit the times.

Links are not dead

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