Libdogecoin Introduces New Dogecoin Features But DOGE Trend Remains Bearish

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Dogecoin, the well-known cryptocurrency originating from an internet meme, has once again grabbed the attention of crypto enthusiasts worldwide. 

This time, it is due to the unveiling of the new release version 0.1.2 of Libdogecoin by Michi Lumin, a developer who has been teasing the community for weeks.

This new update promises to enhance DOGE’s capabilities, potentially significantly impacting its price action in the coming months. 

Lumin, recognized for his contributions to the cryptocurrency space, is expected to enhance DOGE’s reputation as a viable investment option.

Lumin took to Twitter to announce the highly-anticipated release of Libdogecoin version 0.1.2, describing it as a significant upgrade that includes a roll-up of the interim 0.1.1 release. 

In addition to the improvements in synchronization speed and an updated user interface, Lumin revealed that the new version now supports the generation of seed phrases in multiple languages and has enhanced key and address derivation.

Lumin emphasized that the new version is a culmination of numerous changes since the initial release of Libdogecoin. The updates are set further to enhance the security and efficiency of the popular cryptocurrency.

According to the developer, the blockchain can now support QR codes that generate images and the ability to sign messages. Alongside these improvements, Libdogecoin has received upgrades in its dependencies and network awareness.

Lumin also revealed ongoing work for new features that will be included in the next release, version 0.1.3. Blockchain upgrades are always exciting for cryptocurrency investors since they signify new and improved features that could boost a coin’s value. 

So far, the market has not responded favorably to this upgrade. That is mainly due to an overarching bearish trend affecting all cryptocurrencies. Such downward pressure is relatively common during weekends. 

However, the upgrade may not matter much to DOGE holders, as most people buy it for speculative purposes. 

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