Let’s Find Out Which Payment Methods Are the Fastest in the Sphere of iGaming

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Even though the majority of people say that online casinos are dedicated to entertainment and fun, payments are still a major part of iGaming. Now we rarely see a casino that offers only one payment option. Moreover, the higher the competition, the more abundant the variation of payment options grows. Naturally, the days of getting only cash when playing arcade slot machines are over. The 21st century allows us to choose not only our favorite arcade slot machine but also the ways you can actually get winnings. Only a decade ago, people were impressed with the creation of banking methods and numerous debit cards. However, the situation has changed, and waiting for five business days to get a withdrawal is no longer an appropriate option. So what is the fastest payment method available at online casinos? We will answer this question today.

Trick Behind Instant Withdrawals and Deposits

The fastest withdrawals usually take around one hour or even so. However, we will come back to this. Let’s imagine that you have one playing at an arcade slot. What payment method will you choose? We can divide all options available for you into three distinct categories that include traditional options, digital wallets, and cryptocurrency. What is the best one for you if you want to withdraw arcade slot machine game winnings from InstaDebit casino Canada or any other similar platform? We would love to say that your choice here is pretty clear. However, all methods undeniably have distinct advantages and disadvantages.

For example, traditional bank transfers will require five business days. Yet, they are still more established and trustworthy than other variations. At the same time, a digital wallet may still take a couple of hours or even a day, yet they lower the chances of your identity being stolen. Finally, cryptocurrency might guarantee instant withdrawals, yet it is a highly unstable market. So let’s make a choice together. 

Traditional Banking Options

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Will will start with our first category, which includes classic debit cards. Let’s imagine that you have one playing slot machine arcade games. Can you actually withdraw or deposit your money using your credit card? Yes, it is one of the easiest payment options out there. However, it does come with certain limitations. For example, if you indeed win by playing at an arcade game slot machine, it will take around five business days to receive your withdrawal. It may not seem much, yet compared to under 1 hour withdrawal casino Canada, the difference is definitely worthy of your attention. Moreover, to actually use your debit card, you have to fill in the required forms. 

They ask for a lot of personal details that can’t be used against you. There are multiple cases of identity theft, specifically from using personal bank accounts. Overall, even though it is the oldest payment method on our list, it doesn’t mean that it is the best one. Instead of using a traditional bank account, you can easily do the same thing with a digital wallet. Moreover, they will actually ensure that your identity and personal information are more secure. This way, your identity cannot be stolen. However, here is a small selection of payment options you can definitely consider: Bitcoin, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Visa, eCheck, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Chain link, Dogecoin, Ape Coin, Stellar, Tether, USDcoin, MoneyGram, Money Orders, Bank Transfers. Besides, you actually decrease possible fees for deposits and withdrawals. 

Advantages of Cryptocurrency

The last thing on our list concerns cryptocurrency. A lot of people have love and hate relationships with it. To use cryptocurrency, you have to do prior research. There is no telling whether this market will be stable enough to not only receive your winnings but also double them as some players would hope to do. Interestingly enough, there are several arcade slot games that do not use cash anymore. 

Cash arcade slots are taking a step back while allowing cryptocurrency to rise. Some casinos are now created specifically for bitcoin and similar cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin continues to crash and rise almost every day. Even though these specific crypto wallets will allow you to receive winnings within minutes or an hour maximum, this market is still highly unstable.

Bottom Line

Overall, there are multiple efficient banking options that you can use while playing pokies arcade games. If you want our advice, we would recommend you to use digital wallets. They combine the best of both worlds. You are getting quick withdrawals that might take longer than one hour but as much as five business days. Additionally, they will not reveal your personal information or ask for outrageous fees. Therefore, by using a digital wallet, you can actually get quick withdrawals, secured transactions, and smaller fees.

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