Legendary moments from Gerd Müller’s career


Recently, the whole world said goodbye to Gerd Müller, one of the greatest footballers in the world and a true legend of Bayern Munich. He has something to brag about: in his asset and the Golden Ball, and the World Cup, and he managed to break a lot of records, having hammered as many in 18 years as others never dreamed of.

Let’s remember how it was.

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Ballon d’Or 

The early seventies took place under the auspices of Müller, who spent one great season at Bayern after another. In the ’69 / 70 and ’70 / 71 seasons, he scored 81 goals, and at the World Cup in Mexico he scored ten. In 1970 he won the Ballon d’Or.

The “Bombardier of the Nation” fought primarily against Bobby Moore from West Ham and England, as well as Luigi Riva from Italy, but he was objectively stronger. Thus, he became the first German to win the coveted trophy. In 1972, but was nominated again, he was already bypassed by Franz Beckenbauer.

Bundesliga record

In the 1971/72 season, Müller scored for pleasure, and with his help, Bayern became the champion. In total, the Munich side scored 101 goals, and 40 of them belonged to the leg of Müller, who set the record for the most goals per season. A record that held for many decades until Robert Lewandowski broke it.

Double in the final of Euro 1972

Having already scored two in the Euro 72 semi-finals against hosts Belgium, Müller was in better shape. Ahead, the final in Brussels was threatened, and the USSR was opposed to the Germans.

Müller repeated the achievement, scoring two, giving West Germany its first major trophy since 1954. After that, everyone knew that this team should be feared.

Legendary year

Müller was good when it came to goals, we know that, but in 1972 he set a truly crazy 40-year record that only Lionel Messi managed to beat.

In 1972, Müller, as always, scored relentlessly. See for yourself: in one calendar year, he scored 85 goals! Only in 2012, Messi conquered this mark, scoring 91.

World championship

After winning the Bundesliga and Euro league titles, the Germans turned their gaze to the 1974 World Cup. The whole world was expecting a miracle from the FRG national team, especially since the Germans were the masters.

It all started unsuccessfully – the GDR national team looked better in general, which even achieved victory in the face-to-face confrontation. But the further, the better was the FRG, which finished the group stage in the first place. She was soon preparing for the final against the Netherlands.

And again the start was unsuccessful: a penalty kick in the second minute worried the fans, but the Di Mannschaft got together and won back thanks to the blow of Müller, who first evened the score, and then brought his own forward. So his country won its second World Cup.

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