Why Legacy Fashion Arcenti is Embracing Technology


    The emergence of new technologies fuels the enormous upheaval occurring in the fashion business. The most prominent designers are rising to the occasion, devising novel concepts and strategies for incorporating new technologies throughout the product lifecycle. 


    And as a result of shifting customer needs, business models are continually evolving, requiring retailers to adapt quickly.


    Legacy fashion companies are starting to see the importance of leveraging technology to stay relevant in the face of a growing number of agile rivals in an ever-changing industry. Customers have come to demand fast satisfaction and a smooth transition between the online and physical customer journeys due to changing customer behaviors. 


    Arcenti, a contemporary, decentralized legacy fashion house, is incorporating technology into fashion by creating a community-driven fashion which makes the creative fashion process transparent and tangible to those in the community. 


    Launched by Josh Webb and his fiancé, Angelina Lee, Arcenti is the embodiment of Webb’s love of fashion himself, as he has been wanting to make a change in the fashion industry. He got the push he needed after watching the interview Kanye West did on Nick Cannon’s podcast about the future plans with Yeezy. On a night he and his fiancé were discussing their future plans after recently welcoming a baby, they founded Arcenti.


    Arcenti prides itself on being for the community and by the community. Arcenti would do this by launching its genesis NFT collection, which will serve as the project’s access token. Users would be able to join the design team, vote on creative direction, and have exclusive access to tangible and digital items, digital and physical events, and future NFTs.


    Arcenti is embracing technology in these three ways:


    According to research, companies go through numerous sampling and discarding of goods before achieving a passing result. This can be solved by using 3D modeling software to create lifelike 3D renders that get near what a product would seem like in real life. This would save production costs and decrease sampling to one or two.


    Since rapid fashion changes have already upset the industry’s seasonality, 3D technology has the potential to speed up manufacturing, reducing time to market. 


    Arcenti is embracing 3D technology fully, which would allow buyers to participate in the selection of clothing sizes and designs.




    The fashion industry is still in the PR stage regarding diversity and inclusion efforts. But after all, PR. is a big part of fashion’s DNA. Fashion must go beyond the industry’s innate skill at image-making and put significant focus, funding and talent behind real diversity and inclusion.


    According to Arcenti, diversity includes but is not limited to race, gender, sexuality, location, culture and age. By embracing new technology, especially web3, technology helps bring us together. People can (as is widely accepted) be pseudonymous and in the most remote part of the world and still have a very important role in a global brand.




    Apart from the fact that technology puts a brand closer to the consumer, it also helps users engage directly, express their ideas, provide comments, and participate before the event. Technology also improves accessibility. 


    Some customers are angry about the fact that certain items are only available in specific parts of the world. eCommerce has helped with this issue, but it has its challenges, as bots may wipe out supplies before relisting for a big markup on the secondary market. 


    Arcenti ensures that users have access to their desired products wherever possible by embracing technology and building for Web3.

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