Learn why top-level profits of 140% during Oryen ICO surprise Big Eyes and TAMA Holders


ICOs provide insights into the future performance of crypto projects based on their use cases, investment returns, and overall sustainability going forward. It also offers early investors the opportunity to attain gains well before a large-scale market launch.

Recently a crypto project has sustained top-level profits of 140% during its ongoing ICO which is quite monumental, according to market spectators. Oryen is a new DeFi project which aims to secure incredible profits for its investors.

Oryen (ORY)

Oryen facilitates auto-staking, auto-compounding guaranteed yield, and overall stability of its ecosystem via liquidity provisions. Oryen operates solely with its protocol – OAT (Oryen Autostaking Technic) to achieve the fastest and most secure predictable returns for its holders.

The OAT protocol operates seamlessly on a simplified system of buying and earning. The “Buy-Hold-Earn” system implies that when investors buy the ORY token, they qualify to earn rebasing rewards every day at the rate of 0.177% and a total annual yield rate of 90% APY. The overall simplification of the system is what highlights the uniqueness of Oryen’s protocol.

Oryen OAT employs a positive rebase formula to ensure a continuous and fair distribution of rebase rewards directly to the wallets of ORY holders. This in turn helps to facilitate token supply, thus allowing ORY holders to keep growing their tokens. Crypto investor, Jim Crypto shares his analysis of Oryen Network in this video review.

In addition to the OAT protocol, a feature like its very own “DeFi bank” called Treasury is most efficient as it facilitates liquidity provisions in events of market uncertainties. Another separate feature that works with the Treasury as an additional liquidity reserve, is called RFV (Risk-Free-Value) wallet. Ultimately Oryen strives to ensure a sustainable and secure ecosystem for its investors no matter the conditions of the market.

Big Eyes (BIG)

The cat-themed centric cryptocurrency platform, Big Eyes, provides its community with NFT clubs, wealth creation through its native token, BIG. The platform donates 5% of its token (BIG) to promote charitable projects like saving the ocean.

Tamadoge (TAMA)

Tamadoge is a play-to-earn decentralized platform that provides an immersive virtual world where users can own virtual pets, breed them and mint them as NFTs. Its meme native token, TAMA is used to gain access to in-platform products and also facilitate peer-to-peer transactions. 


As Oryen moves onward with its ongoing fourth phase ICO, it is clear that its features set it apart from many crypto projects, thus its 140% profit gain on its native token ORY further reinstates that the project has what it takes to revolutionize DeFi and the cryptocurrency space.

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