Many of us may have heard of the lavish lifestyles the employees at Facebook and Google lead. However, with the rise of cryptocurrency, many experts from within the tech domain are now leaving their high-profile job portfolios and joining various blockchain based startups.

This sentiment has been growing for some time now and there are many people like Olaf Carlson-Wee,  Founder of Polychain Capital, who believe that high-quality talent will continue to flock towards the crypto sector simply due of the fact that not only can such people get paid as well as they did while working at Google, LinkedIn, but they can also establish their own cryptocurrency firms– thereby securing their financial futures much more effectively.

In addition to all this, Carlson-Wee also added:

What I pay attention to is not the month-to-month market prices of assets but developer momentum around building novel applications. Current developer enthusiasm—measured by things like GitHub repositories and forking projects—is unprecedented.

The Future of Blockchain Technology

While speaking with a respected news outlet a couple of days back, Carlson-Wee, went on to state that he believes the future of blockchain technology is extremely bright, especially since recent developments within this space are focusing on increasing blockchain interoperability as well making blockchain development easier through the use of familiar programming languages.

He then went on to add that this new-found impetus to improve upon existing blockchain systems could see the sector “expand rapidly and grow ten-fold within the coming months and years”.

Final thoughts

With reports of high-profile individuals joining independent crypto startups growing by the day, it is hardly surprising to see someone like Carlson-Wee point out the obvious. However, it now remains to be seen how all this fresh talent is put to use effectively.

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