Laura K. Inamedinova on Maximizing Press for Blockchain Projects

Laura K. Inamedinova is the Founder & CEO of LKI Consulting, a London-based 7-digits B2B & Blockchain-focused Marketing Agency. She is a renowned PR expert and former Forbes and Huffington Post contributor recognized for securing over 3,000 unique pieces in 100+ languages and managing over $1B in post-fundraising communications. Today she shares with us her 5 tips for maximizing press for blockchain projects who are just starting out. 

  1. Know your audience

PR can only bring results when it’s targeted specifically toward your community members. Analyze carefully who your audience is, adjust your content angle, and pitch your story to media outlets with an appropriate lane. 

  1. Don’t focus on press-releases

Attracting media attention and earning public trust doesn’t come easy. While putting out dozens of press-releases could have worked effectively a few years ago, the PR strategy of today is various media formats such as editorials, feature stories, mentions, and thought leadership pieces. Diversifying your content doesn’t only help you secure more coverage but also builds credibility in the space and attracts early traction to your website and community channels. 

  1. Don’t be afraid to start with smaller media outlets

There is an unfortunate myth in the space that PR matters only when it’s published in Forbes or Wall Street Journal. Inamedinova recommends starting out with smaller media outlets and building your way up to Tier-1 publications. Sometimes your mentions might not be interesting for the top media but will attract the attention of local news sites. Build your way up to get to the top publications. Your digital reputation, volume of publications, and number of coverages – all matter for effective public relations. 

  1. Develop your network early on 

Public relations is called “relations” for a reason. Inamedinova emphasizes the importance of building relationships with the right journalists, investors, and partners to secure coverage. The more people with diverse backgrounds you have in your network – the faster you’ll get things done. 

  1. Build your personal brand 

Laura started building her personal brand at the age of 18 with writing for a small media outlet, Arctic Startup. That’s when she discovered the impact industry reputation has on professional success. Inamedinova recommends blockchain projects to invest in the personal brands of their C-level executives to attract more interest and promote their business through thought leadership. 

Inamedinova’s expertise in the field helps projects enter Web3 and put themselves on the map. By building a strong network along with personal brand, she elevates communication for blockchain projects around the globe.

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