Latvia Witnesses 50% Drop in Crypto Asset Investment, Bitcoin Whales Consider Joining InQubeta Presale


While the crypto landscape is filled with innovative projects and promising investment opportunities, its inherent risks cannot be overlooked. Recent developments in Latvia highlighted a shift in crypto asset investment, down by 50% from last year. The reason cited for this decline is the negative sentiment surrounding crypto, including insolvency and fraud. Meanwhile, on a different note, Bitcoin whales are considering participating in the InQubeta presale, a unique and secure project that stands at the convergence between AI and blockchain technology.

In this article, we will discuss the decline in Latvia’s crypto investment and the need for more regulations to protect retail investors. Further, we will explore InQubeta and why Bitcoin whales are considering joining its presale.

InQubeta (QUBE): The presale token experiencing huge investor inflow

Amid the uncertainty within the crypto landscape, InQubeta presents an innovative concept as well as a lucrative and secure investment opportunity. InQubeta’s unique concept for AI fundraising, which leverages blockchain technology, has been the talk of the crypto community.

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InQubeta aims to be the world’s first blockchain-based crowd-funding platform for AI startups. Through its novel approach to AI fundraising, startups will be able to raise funds through cryptocurrency. To raise funds, AI developers only need to mint investment opportunities in their projects, which will be listed on InQubeta’s NFT marketplace. The NFTs will then be fractionalized, thereby allowing investors to partially invest in promising AI startups.

As a result of InQubeta’s innovative fundraising concept and the exceptional utility of its token, QUBE, which will be used for AI fundraising and investment, there has been piqued interest in its presale. Investors, including Bitcoin whales, can be seen swarming it, as it is expected to witness huge adoption and demand. Meanwhile, according to experts, the token will rise by 50x in 2023.

The presale is currently in stage 3 at $0.0112. Additionally, it is a safe investment as the audit has been completed by Hacken as well as KYC by Block Audit.

Latvia’s crypto investment landscape: 50% decline in crypto asset investment

The quest for mainstream adoption of crypto recently took a hit after Latvia reported a drop in the number of people buying crypto assets. Several factors contributed to the drop in Latvia’s crypto asset investment, but they revolve around the absence of strong regulations and uncertainty.

According to reports, 8% of Latvia’s population purchased crypto in 2022, but it is down to 4% as of February 2023. The central bank of Latvia attributed the failing interest in crypto to negative sentiment, including fraud, money laundering, high volatility, and insolvency. These challenges can be attributed to the fact that the crypto industry is a novel one, which will be solved as the regulatory landscape continues to take shape and protect investors. Until then, investors need to be smart about their investments and select not only promising but safe ones.

Bitcoin: Portfolio diversification into innovative projects

Bitcoin is one of the most popular stores of value in the world and the leading cryptocurrency. As the pioneering crypto, the world looks to Bitcoin. Its influence spans the crypto community to the broader traditional finance landscape, as it has become a haven and used as a hedge during challenging times like inflation.

An interesting development within the Bitcoin ecosystem is the interest of some of its whales in InQubeta. The reason behind Bitcoin whales’ interest in InQubeta can be attributed to its innovative concept, growth potential, and compelling alternative investment. Moreover, the appeal of InQubeta to Bitcoin whales signals its recognition as an intersection between AI and blockchain.


Latvia’s significant decline in crypto asset investment serves as a reminder of the weak crypto regulatory landscape, which can be attributed to its novelty. Amidst this, InQubeta has risen as a beacon of hope, offering an innovative concept as well as a safe and secure investment opportunity. The interest of Bitcoin whales in its presale further underscores its strong foundation and immense growth potential.

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