Latest lnd Beta Client Natively Supports Wumbo Channels

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Advancing Bitcoin’s Lightning Network is crucial to ensure future adoption. The transaction limits, as well as channel sizes, are a few interesting options that can be modified. Wumbo, currently a part of lnd v0.11-beta, is a game changer in this regard. 

Talk Wumbo to me

Non-coders may not be aware of what Wumbo brings to the table for the Lightning Network. It is a clear upgrade for all users that is now finally being introduced. During an earlier launch of the lnd software, the developers thought it wise to limit channel sizes. After all, the technology was still in the very early stages of development at the time, Ensuring no one could go past this limit was a security-oriented decision first and foremost. 

As the Lightning Network progressed and matured, those limits make less sense. Advanced users are no longer bound by this artificial limit. Active forks of lnd have removed this limitation some time ago. Those forks are being embraced by various service providers and merchants. After all, once one has grown accustomed to LN payment channels, low limits are a mere hindrance. 

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Channels surpassing this limit are often referred to as “Wumbo channels”. Among developers, there is a segment known as “Wumbology”, which is rather interesting. Any Wumbo channel allows nodes to handle more transactions and higher volumes. Doing so doesn’t affect the lower on-chain fees, which makes Wumbo a very intriguing option to explore fully. 

A big Lnd Overhaul

Following the new lnd client release, it is possible to start a node through the Wumbo “protocol”. Although this is a welcome change, it should not necessarily be enabled by everyone. This feature is experimental, and higher limits for “hot” wallets is still a risk factor. An updated operational security guide has been added to lnd’s documentation. 

The updated software introduces another crucial change.  Database replication is an often-requested feature. In case of a failure, recovering the data to continue operation is crucial. No longer having to close existing channels will save a lot of time and headaches in this regard. While extremely experimental, it is a welcome addition overall. 

The inclusion of both Wumbo and this replication feature marks an important milestone for lnd. It is evident that the Lightning Network continues to mature every single day.

To ensure this progress is guaranteed, adding new features is paramount. It will be interesting to see what the native support for Wumbo brings to the table. It has significant potential, assuming it is safe to use. 

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