Latest B2Core Update Offers Increased Functionality and Security


B2Core has just unveiled an update to its CRM platform for brokers and exchanges, providing users with tools to boost their experience and security. This upgrade offers a Feedback section for the Helpdesk, Time Limit Settings for Admin sessions, as well as an enhanced Device Management portion. With these inventive additions in place, B2Core is now firmly established as the top CRM platform available to financial institutions today!

Section for Helpdesk Feedback

B2Core has designed an exclusive user feedback system to meet the requirements of brokerage firms and exchanges. With this tool, platform owners can gain insight into ways they can further improve their service, providing users with a remarkable support experience unlike anything before.

After receiving help from the support team, customers have the opportunity to close their ticket and share an evaluation of their experience. This feedback gives companies a glimpse into what consumers think about their services and potential areas for improvement. 

Moreover, comments are highly encouraged so that businesses can gain clarity about customer satisfaction levels. If customers are not interested in leaving a comment, they can quickly close the feedback window, and their response won’t be logged. B2Core administrators have access to all user comments and assessments aggregated within the Ticket Feedback Section of their admin panel to accurately assess support team performance and provide quality customer service.

Time Limits Settings

With B2Core Back Office, admins can have total reassurance that their system is secure by setting up session times for users. By accessing System – Settings, various inactive times ranging from 1 to 240 minutes are accessible; any user idle within this window will be automatically logged out, safeguarding all data and admin credentials.

Improved Device Management Section

With the enhanced Device Management view now available in Profile – Security, end users are empowered with more valuable data on their login device, IP address, and location. By having access to this extra information at a glance, your users can confidently reinforce security for their accounts.

To ensure ultimate security for end-user accounts, the B2Core team has integrated a range of email notifications with their new Device Management view. When any login attempts occur from any device, users will be notified via email and able to check which device it originated from immediately. The back office makes it easy for admins to tailor this email template with any chosen information for users. This way, you can always stay on top of your account’s safety! 

If a user suspects unauthorized access to their account, they can quickly reset their password and end all active sessions to ensure the safety of both their data and finances.

Final Remarks

B2Core has unveiled a new update that will elevate your and your customers’ experience. With amazing features like the Helpdesk feedback module, session time limit settings, and improved Device Management security protocols, this CRM solution will surely become the industry leader in user-friendliness and protection. The B2Core team constantly pushes themselves to develop cutting-edge solutions to strengthen the user experience and protect their security. This update is only a glimpse of what’s coming. Take advantage of these new features now to make your experience with B2Core even better!


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