Last Chance to Buy Wall Street Memes, Presale in Final Stage – Will the Rumored Binance Listing Send WSM 50X Like Pepe?

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The debut launch of Wall Street Memes ($WSM) has been much-awaited. $WSM is scheduled to launch on multiple tier-1 exchanges in twelve days, confirms the official website.

Presale is Now Live at a Fixed Price

The social media buzz around Wall Street Memes is growing, hinting at a grand opening for the project on its initial exchange listing. Industry analysts predict a Pepe-like phenomenon to take over the market soon after.

The fact that the ongoing presale campaign raised its targeted $25M ahead of schedule substantiates these predictions. In response to the surging demand and speculations, the project has extended its presale at a steady price of $0.0337 before it becomes available on public crypto exchanges.

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According to the latest announcement, the presale will end at 6 pm UTC, 25 Sep 2023. Claiming and listings will follow on 27 Sep 2023.

How Did This Seemingly Useless Meme Coin Rise To Stardom?

To begin with, most meme coins are useless. But that hasn’t stopped them from sending the market into a frenzy. Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and Pepe stand testimony to the power of a meme coin mania backed by a strong community. Wall Street Memes is next in line for an explosive price action, thanks to its unique meme coin theme and large community backing.

But there is a key difference that sets apart the WSM community from others. It didn’t spring up overnight. Neither is it made of mercurial degens.

Wall Street Memes Token (WSM) is the meme coin extension of the Wall Street Memes community that boasts over a million members. The Twitter page of Wall Street Memes has been active since 2019. So the community has taken its time to build its foothold among investors, traders, and business leaders. It would be wrong to deem Wall Street Memes a fleeting crypto sensation, as a result.

Is Elon Musk Connected to Wall Street Memes?

He is not. Elon Musk is not involved in the project nor connected to it.

But the tech magnate has interacted with Wall Street Memes posts multiple times in the past. As you may assume, that is more than sufficient for the meme coin community to take it forward. His engagements on the posts have helped WSM to venture beyond the Wall Street Memes community and penetrate the broader meme coin market.

After all, Musk is known for kindling some of the biggest meme coin rallies in history with his crisp tweets and nods.


Large Community of Investors and Traders

The memes shared on the Wall Street Memes social media pages are imbued with satire. They bring attention to the pitfalls of capitalism, regulators, and shortsighted government policies with a generous dose of humor. That doesn’t mean gullible investors and traders are immune. They are ridiculed for their herd mentality and hollow investments as well.

Most of the content posted resonates with investors and traders. So it doesn’t come as a surprise that they make up a substantial portion of the community. This includes crypto investors too, as proven by the grand reception of the meme coin presale.

A Series of Bull Runs on the Horizon

To the pleasant shock of the broader market, Wall Street Memes shattered presale records, even during challenging times. Judging by the presale performance, the token’s official launch will be received with an explosive price action.

According to industry experts and analysts, the upcoming WSM launch will spark a series of bullish runs. The pent-up FOMO from the presale will catalyze it. But how does the project plan on resisting initial dumps?

Community Reward Programs Safeguard WSM

One of the key motives behind the launch of $WSM token is to help the Wall Street Memes community on board the meme coin craze and generate wealth. It also has some attractive community reward programs in place. In fact, thirty percent of the tokenomics is set aside for rewarding the community.

Why is this important?

Because community reward programs help a project become more than a mere passing trend and acquire a solid foundation in the market. Wall Street Memes has long-term aspirations and the community reward system serves this purpose.

Next Pepe?

Wall Street Memes is one of the strongest meme coin candidates that has the potential to enter the top-3 meme coin chart this year. If the presale is any sign, it won’t be long before WSM replaces Pepe from the chart.

But can WSM replicate Pepe’s 7000%+ surge?

Yes, it can. If the project makes it to Binance, among other tier-1 exchanges, a 7000% climb is not a long shot. Investors who would like to get the most profitable entry point into the project need to act and grab the token before the exchange listings.


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