Kumo Chat Utilizes the Lightning Network to Create Anonymous Chat Rooms

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Many feats can be accomplished with Bitcoin’s Lightning Network. Developers who look beyond the financial aspect of this technology often tend to come up with rather creative ideas. 

Stuart Kuentzel is one of the developers taking a more liberal stab at the Lightning Network. 

A Different Take on the Lightning Network

Rather than creating something for payment channels, he decided to introduce a feature many users can benefit from directly.

His project is known as Kumo Chat. It is a way to utilize Bitcoin on the LN to create anonymous chat rooms capable of self-destructing 24 hours later.

A service like this can usher in a brand new era of decentralized and censorship-resistant communication. 

Users will be able to create their own chat rooms, which are then protected by a password. 

Anyone who doesn’t have the password will not be able to join the conversation or see what is being discussed. 

None of the messages broadcasted through Kumo Chat are stored on a server or logged anywhere else. 

Only active users are privy to the information prior to the chat room being destroyed a day later. 

Kuentzel also decided to make this entire project open source. As such, any coder can look at how it is set up and make modifications to suit their personal needs. 

While Kumo Chat might not be everyone’s cup of tea, it is crucial to see the bigger picture. 

This project shows everyone how easy and feasible it is to integrate Lightning Network transactions into their application. 

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