KuCoin Sees Merit in Partnering Poloniex Despite its Reputation

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When exchanges form strategic partnerships, anything can happen. Both KuCoin and Poloniex seem to have aligned their overall interests. Elevating both exchanges to a higher level will be a challenge, but it can be done. 

Poloniex and KuCoin Join Forces

Both KuCoin and Poloniex have a loyal community, albeit low trading volume compared to other platforms.

Forming a strategic partnership can yield some unexpected developments in the following months.

For now, both entities want to trade technology research and development, as well as liquidity.

This latter part is rather interesting, as centralized exchanges hardly share liquidity with their competitors.

Through this approach, the companies hope to create an incremental market and focus on intra-industry collaboration. 

As far as research is concerned, particularly derivatives will be of great interest.

There will also be a focus on improving the matching engine of both platforms, which will greatly benefit all traders.

Considering how KuCoin has over 6 million users, this partnership may prove very interesting.

The choice to partner Poloniex is, given that exchange’s reputation, all the more remarkable. 

That being said, the international political and economic situation often forces companies to adapt in strange and unexpected ways. 

Whether this partnership will be of great benefit to existing users, remains to be determined. 

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