KuCoin Launches NFT Launchpad With Debut Project Selected

CryptoMode KuCoin Windvane

The KuCoin cryptocurrency exchange has announced the launch of a native NFT Marketplace that will be acting as a holistic gateway to the NFT market for all users. The Windvane marketplace is set for launch on June 20, with the Zzoopers Genesis NFT collection set to become its debut project.

KuCoin is reaching another major milestone in penetrating the NFT market with the launch of Windvane. The new marketplace will feature a number of important features, such as sales, purchases, exchange and management of NFT assets. KuCoin highlights the fact that the new marketplace will act as a go-to solution for market participants, empowering them by leveraging the combined capabilities of the extensive KuCoin ecosystem.

Windvane is designed to be a user-friendly service that boasts low commissions and entry thresholds to act as an inclusive environment in NFT space. The service will also feature low fees, priority whitelists and a high degree of security along with selection of promising projects.

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“The launch of our new Windvane NFT Marketplace has the aim of creating a top user-friendly NFT trading market in the industry with a thought-out approach in terms of functionality and user experience. This is another major milestone for KuCoin in the field of decentralization. We have strong faith that Windvane will not only enrich the KuCoin ecosystem, but also promote the overall development of the industry,” as Fungi Chic, the Founder of Windvane, commented on the launch of the marketplace.

The first project to be launched on Windvane will be Zzoopers Genesis – an NFT collection of anthropomorphic animal characters endowed with unique designs and personalities. The initial sales of the collection will start on June 20 with the launch of Windvane. The marketplace will be conducting a preliminary whitelisting event from June 3 to June 17 to select 500 winners who will have a chance of participating first. 

The collection consists of 5,555 unique items, including the Tiger, Elephant, Panda, Unicorn, Cheetah, Deer, Fox, Monkey, Penguin, and Rabbit. The characters were created by MetaOasis DAO in collaboration with Season Studio, a top metaverse design company that specializes in creating unique digital assets.

KuCoin’s penetration of the NFT market is well underway and is likely to be accelerated with the launch of Windvane. The KuCoin team is confident that the service will appeal to audiences and can add tremendous value to the overall KuCoin ecosystem.

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