KuCoin Labs Fuels KCC Ecosystem Development Through MojitoSwap Investment

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KuCoin Labs checks off another essential milestone on its roadmap. The team announced its first-ever investment in the KCC Chain ecosystem through network-native decentralized exchange MojitoSwap this Wednesday. 

Fueling KCC Ecosystem Growth

Hundreds of blockchains and networks compete for traction in the decentralized industry. However, one of the initiatives few people are aware of today is KCC, the KuCoin Community Chain developed by the leading global exchange with the same name. Fueling development on and for this ecosystem is essential, as the network can facilitate many products, services, and use cases. In addition, the network is EVM-compatible and features smart contracts.

MojitoSwap is one of the projects building KCC today. It will serve as KCC’s first decentralized exchange DEX) and provides various features, including Trading, Farming, Pools, NFT support, a launchpad, etc. Moreover, MojitoSwap holds the highest Total Value locked (TVL) on KCC today and has the most DeFi users. Thanks to strong community support, MojitoSwap maintains a strong position within the KCC ecosystem. 

MojitoSwap CMO Gloria adds:

“MojitoSwap, as the first DEX on the KCC chain, is honored to have the support of KCC community users and KuCoin Labs. MojitoSwap is one of the basic protocols on the KCC chain. At the opening of the KCC Unicorn Contest, I hope to use this investment to cooperate with more KCC ecological projects to jointly build the future of MojitoSwap and KCC. At the same time, we will also focus on promoting the further development of DeFi, GameFi, Web3, and NFT-related tracks.”

The strategic investment by KuCoin Labs in MojitoSwap is a crucial development. It is the first time KuCoin Labs has invested in the KCC ecosystem. Through this investment, KuCoin Labs aims to support the comprehensive development of MojitoSwap and the broader KuCoin Community Chain ecosystem. 

Another Big Milestone For MojitoSwap

With the financial backing of KuCoin Labs, MojitoSwap can improve its products, operations, branding, and liquidity. Additionally, the team wants to explore new options for liquidity mining, expand NFT support, and enhance the overall user experience. Moreover, MojitoSwap aims to support native and cross-chain currencies on the KCC chain.

The investment by KuCoin Labs checks off another big milestone for KCC’s first DEX. KuCoin added its native MJT currency to its platform recently. That listing marks the first time KuCoin supports a KCC ecological native project, paving the way for potential future listings. 

Additionally, MojitoSwap Launchpad, one of the DEX’s products and features, completed the IDO sale for CoolMining within the first two weeks. That token sale raised close to $1 million in sales within a few hours, confirming investor interest to gain exposure to the project. It also confirms the launchpad under the MojitoSwap banner is safe and secure to use. 

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