KuCoin Integrates Advcash And PIX&TED Transfers To Streamline Conversions Between Local Currencies And Crypto Assets


Brazil and Eastern Europe are two regions where cryptocurrency can thrive. For KuCoin, they represent two crucial regions for its ongoing expansion plan. In addition, support for new payment methods will make the conversion between crypto-assets and local currencies in those regions more straightforward. 

KuCoin Eyes Brazil And Eastern Europe

It is essential for crypto exchanges to expand their reach. Moreover, these companies need to ensure customers can conveniently access crypto assets. Supporting local payment methods will facilitate that process. KuCoin, as one of the leading global crypto trading platforms, is expanding its presence across Brazil and Eastern Europe.

The KuCoin exchange has integrated support for PIX&TED payments and Advcash. The PIX&TED payments make transfer sin BRL faster, cheaper, and more efficient to local users. Advcash is a new way of depositing and withdrawing assets in Eastern Europe, although the payment network supports other major fiat currencies – including USD, GBP, and BRL. 

The objective is to make access to crypto assets more straightforward for mainstream users in both regions. Advcash and PIX&TED – provided by Capitual – facilitate the exchange between local currencies and crypto assets. Following the integration, KuCoin can cater to users’ needs in Eastern Europe, Brazil, and Asia Minor. All regions show an increasing appetite for cryptocurrencies, making them of keen interest to trading platforms like KuCoin. 

Advcash And Capitual Are Crucial Partners

KuCoin opts for Advcash and Capitual due to the opportunities they represent. Capitual works together with Brazilian banks supporting PIX instant transfers and TED regular transfers. The service uses the native BRL token, which can be purchased by Brazilian customers and lets users purchase USDT. The service operates at zero fees, making it an affordable and fast withdrawal and deposit option to KuCoin’s Brazilian users.

The Advcash integration provides very similar benefits. Users can buy digital assets through local currencies and uses a zero-fee structure. The service supports UAH, USD, EUR, GBP, RUB, and BRL currencies for money transfers to all supported countries. In addition, Advcash introduces an upper limit of 1 million in the selected currency per deposit. That, too, is in line with Capitual, which maintains a 1 million BRL upper limit per transaction. 

Introducing more financial solutions to convert between local currencies and crypto assets is essential for the crypto industry. Exchanges like KuCoin pave the way for broader adoption of Bitcoin and other digital assets. Moreover, support for services with zero fees and fast settlement enhances the overall experience for existing users and newcomers. 

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