KuCoin Crypto Exchange’s Twitter Account Hacked: Users Reimbursed for Asset Losses

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On April 24th, the official Twitter account of the renowned cryptocurrency exchange, KuCoin, fell victim to a security breach. The company informed its users that the “@kucoincom” Twitter handle had been compromised for approximately 45 minutes. During this period, misleading activity on the social media account resulted in minor asset losses for a handful of users.

Quick Response to Minimize Damage

Despite the unsettling circumstances, the losses were relatively insignificant, amounting to roughly $22,628 in USDT. KuCoin promptly assured affected users that they would be fully reimbursed for all verified asset losses caused by the social media breach and the counterfeit activity.

KuCoin confirmed that the security breach was limited to its Twitter account, and it managed to regain control promptly. 

The company also identified 22 transactions linked to fraudulent activity, which included transactions involving ETH and BTC. To safeguard its users, KuCoin stated, “To prevent more users from being harmed, we are currently examining and blocking suspicious addresses.”

Strengthening Security Measures and Ongoing Investigation

In light of the incident, the KuCoin team pledged to implement additional security measures to bolster the protection of its social media accounts. The company is also collaborating with Twitter to conduct a thorough investigation of the breach to prevent similar incidents from happening in the future.

Although the exchange was not compromised, some speculate that the Twitter account takeover may have been an inside job. However, this theory had not been confirmed or disproven.

KuCoin’s security breach comes amidst increasing regulatory scrutiny faced by many cryptocurrency exchanges in the United States. The incident underscores the importance of enhanced security measures and thorough investigations to protect the exchanges and their users from potential threats.

It is not the first nor the last time prominent crypto exchanges will fall victim to nefarious online activity.

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